Magazine Subscription Form Template as an Example of a Recurring Payment Form

This magazine subscription form template will help you create your own Stripe subscription form in a matter of minutes. The order cart on the form is integrated with the Stripe payment system and allows you to collect orders with recurring payments and automatically charge your subscribers according to the chosen subscription periods.

Add this journal subscription form to your AidaForm Expert account, edit descriptions and customize images, set up the desired subscription periods, connect the Stripe field to your Stripe account and start selling subscriptions right away!

The template above is a simple subscription form that demonstrates how the Stripe field works. It’s an ideal choice for offering different subscription plans for one product.

If you would like to offer more than one product or would like to offer volume discounts and gift options, you may review and customize the templates below. These subscriptions form templates employ several Order Cart fields that are connected to the Checkout field to transfer the order information to Stripe.

More Order Form Templates

Frequently Asked Questions about the Subscription Order Forms Created in AidaForm


I don’t have an Expert plan yet. Can I add the templates to my Free account?

You can add the Expert templates to your Free account and see its fields and settings, but all Expert features, like, for example, Stripe integration, will be disabled on your published form.


Is it possible to have several order carts offering subscriptions to different magazines on my form?

Yes, AidaForm makes it possible to offer different subscription plans for several different products on one form. Add this template to your account to see how to make a subscription form with multiple products and subscriptions.


Can I offer discounts and gifts for those who order a subscription on my form?

Yes, definitely! Discounts are traditionally the greatest incentive to complete an order, and AidaForm allows you to offer a fixed discount for the order that reaches your specified amount. Two templates above will serve as examples of how you can do this on your form.


Is it possible to collect recurring payments using PayPal in AidaForm?

Presently, AidaForm only supports Stripe to authorize and process recurring payments.


Does AidaForm collect and keep credit card numbers and CVVs? Can form creators get access?

No, AidaForm does not collect or keep any information about your clients’ credit cards. After the information is entered on the form, AidaForm transfers it to the Stripe system for further processing using secure encrypted channels. Form creators cannot get the information about their clients’ credit cards.

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form Powered by Stripe

Digitalization is one of the major trends of the last decade. Collecting paper recurring payment authorization forms is not considered safe or handy anymore! With AidaForm’s Stripe recurring payment form, you can collect subscription orders without actually collecting credit card information. AidaForm automatically transfers all payment information to Stripe using secure encrypted channels, keeping the information safe.

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