Life Coaching Intake Form Template

Skip the hassle of creating your coaching intake form from scratch! AidaForm’s life coach intake form template caters to a wide range of coaches who specialize in life, business, health, financial or career coaching.

Imagine saving precious time in your first session – no more scrambling to gather basic information from new clients. By using the coaching intake questionnaire from our online coaching intake form, you can collect this information efficiently before your session, allowing you to dive into the coaching right away.

Getting started is a breeze! Simply create your free AidaForm account and add the form to your account by clicking the Use This Template button. Within our user-friendly form builder, you can easily customize the template to fit your specific needs and publish it without any coding knowledge required.

How to Create a Coaching Intake Form

Use this four-part structure to create the most helpful life coach client questionnaire for your clients and your coaching business:

1. Contact Information: Start by collecting essential details like name, email address, phone number and billing address. This allows you to easily reach your client and ensures they receive any important updates.

2. Client Goals: Discover your client’s aspirations by asking about short & long-term goals, roadblocks and desired outcomes. This will guide your coaching sessions.

3. Personal History: Gain insight into your client’s journey by exploring past successes, challenges and goal-setting experiences. This will help you tailor your program for maximum value.

4. Coaching Preferences: Understand how to best support your client by asking about their preferred coaching style and communication methods. This creates a comfortable and effective partnership.

Craft your free life coaching intake forms in 5 easy steps with AidaForm Builder


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Effortless Agreements

Streamline the consent process for your clients by adding digital checkboxes and a signature field. This makes signing a breeze, ensuring smooth collection of agreements without any hassle.


Publish & Gather Responses

Ready to launch your form? Turn on the Published toggle and your form is live! Share the link or embed it directly on your website to connect with clients. Once submitted, responses will be collected securely within your AidaForm account, making it easy to access and manage client information.

Share your coaching client intake form and grow your practice

  • Social Media Powerhouse: Leverage the reach of popular social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Briefly introduce your coaching services and highlight the convenience of your pre-coaching questionnaire. Include a link to your intake form directly in your post.

  • Website Integration: AidaForm allows for seamless integration of your form into your website. This provides a smooth experience for visitors, who can easily access and submit the intake information right from your landing page. This way your clients can connect with you easily!

AidaForm goes beyond intake forms – manage your entire coaching journey with ease! Communicate with clients, discuss session details, create consent forms with electronic signatures, save signed forms as PDFs and even accept payments – all within a single platform. Check the templates from our template gallery below!