Employment & Job Application Templates

Use one of AidaForm’s online job application templates to securely collect applicants’ personal information, CVs and even digital signatures. Make your hiring process easier and smoother!

All sample employment application forms from this library are GDPR-compliant, mobile-friendly and fully customisable. You can use your company’s logo and change colour schemes. Distribute the link of your job application form anywhere - on your website, social media and partner resources - and get even more leads.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Use AidaForm’s Employment Application Templates


Choose Your Job Application Form Template

The great thing about ready-made examples is that you don’t have to start with a blank employment application template. Just check out the gallery above, choose a template that you like most and click the Use Template button.


(optional) Create an AidaForm Account and Log In

If you are new to AidaForm, you will be directed to the sign-up page after clicking the Use Template button. Go through the registration steps, activate your account by confirming the validity of the email address and log in to the AidaForm service. The process will only take a couple of minutes! The selected template will wait for you inside your account.


Edit or Add Fields to the Chosen Job Application Form Sample

Each element of your form is editable. Using the user-friendly Form Builder interface you can easily change the text of your questions, add necessary fields, change the settings, etc.

After all, it depends on your goals whether the form should be minimalistic or detailed. Besides the standard fillable fields like name, address, current job, experience, here are some ideas for customising your job application questionnaire template:

  • Add the File Upload field to collect CVs of candidates.
  • Use our innovative Media Answer feature to allow applicants to record an introduction video or video cover letter.
  • You can even add a legal checkbox to get permission for a background check.

Customise the Design of AidaForm’s Employment Application Form Template

Hiring is a two-way process! You need to make a good impression - it is just as important as it is for candidates to show you that they have the right knowledge and experience.

Open the Form Designer menu and change colours, fonts, button shape. Add your logo or pictures by using the Media File field. The job application template you have chosen becomes unique after a couple of clicks without any complicated and boring HTML programming.


Make Your Form Public and Share it

Once your form is ready, go to the Publish tab. Publish the form by switching the corresponding toggle to the On position.

Now it’s time to bring the audience to the form page:

  • Copy the Link to the form web page to add it to your website button, social media or newsletter.
  • Use the Embed on a web page option if you want to get the form code and add it to your website.

Best Practices: How to Make Your Job Application Form Template Convert and What Questions to Include


Keep it short

Try to only ask the questions that you really need to attract quality candidates. For example, it can be of great importance that your candidates already have their work permit in the country of application. But the information concerning educational achievements is usually covered in the CV, so often there is not much sense asking for the information in the job application form.


Use ‘knockout’ questions to save time

Some useful tips may be to add to the pre-employment application form template a question regarding salary expectations and ‘knockout’ questions to draw your applicant’s attention to some important job requirements. For example, if you are looking for a marketing manager to work in the German-speaking market, you can ask: This position requires that the applicant has German language skills not lower than the C2 level. Can you meet this requirement?


Be creative and friendly

Boring forms are a thing of the past. Ask original questions like: ’What’s your top way to keep up to date with online marketing?’ or ’What result are you most proud of?’. Use the language and style that most suits your candidates and your company.


Test your employment application template on mobiles

Check how your form is displayed and works on mobile devices. Up to 90% of all job searches are completed on mobiles, so let your prospective applicants complete your form right away. AidaForm has done the bulk of the work for you: all fields and elements of the form are automatically adaptive to the respondent’s screen size.


Make sure your job application form has a good conversion rate

To check if your form converts viewers into applicants, the AidaForm service provides statistics on how many people viewed it on PCs and mobile devices and how many of the viewers finally sent their completed form for your examination. The statistics help to understand if your form has a good conversion rate or should be worked upon.

Top Features: Why Use Job Application Form Samples by AidaForm


Be sure that only real people fill in your application form and your inbox won’t be full of spam.

File Upload

Get any files from candidates: CVs, cover letters or solutions to test tasks.

Media Answer

Let applicants answer questions by recording video or audio. Make applications truly personal!