Interior Design Cost Calculator

The first thing people want to know before starting a renovation project for their office, store, or living space is the interior design quote. Of course, estimated interior design costs depend on multiple factors. So instead of showing your website visitors a large table with many numbers, use a handy interior design fee calculator to guide them through the budget estimating process. And there’s no need to hire a programmer: a customizable template does the job for the designers so that they can focus on the creative process. A decor cost calculator automates your lead generation process and lets your clients clearly understand what you can help them with and how much a home designer costs.

Why Create a Design Cost Calculator in AidaForm

Fully Customizable Design Fee Calculator

The Design Cost Calculator by AidaForm is crafted for top-notch usability and easy customization: no technical skills required! The template is fully customizable:

  • Save time with our versatile template, suitable for most interior design providers.
  • Adjust the default questions, variants, and price coefficients.
  • Add new questions and decision trees.

Match the Design to your Website

The look and feel of the AidaForm calculator is very flexible, too.

  • Change the color scheme, background image, font, icons, and other visual details.
  • Add visual content to illustrate the questions, and help your clients better understand your offer.
  • Upload your background for a seamless experience between your website content and the cost calculator.

Generate leads with your Design Budget Calculator

How many steps should you build into the design budget calculator? The best practice is to keep a good balance between complexity and price estimate precision.

  • Keep the balance between the level of detail and the length of the form.
  • Gather your clients’ contact details via a form at the end of the questionnaire. All you have to do is contact your potential client and bring the interior design project to life!

How Much Interior Designers Charge

The estimated cost is one of the critical factors affecting your clients’ decision. Whether you are a designer or a client searching for a service provider, let’s consider the factors constituting the price: a structured approach to pricing puts the client and the designer on the same page, demonstrates transparency and reduces possible misunderstanding on both sides. Here are the key parameters that determine the home design budget.

  • Type of property: for example, an office, commercial or living space. Different kinds of real estate require different approaches to space planning.
  • Size of one’s property in square meters or feet; the interior design price quotes are proportionate to the square footage they apply to.
  • The number of rooms: each room will likely have its own function, so the more rooms you have, the more interior designers will charge.
  • Preferred style: perhaps a design studio already has a set of styles to choose from with various samples. But if a client has a particular style outside of the mainstream in mind, it’ll undoubtedly affect the final cost of the design.
  • Level of complexity: depending on an individual portfolio, interior designers might add this parameter, which is a bit more subjective than others.

Now you have the basic knowledge of how to calculate the budget for interior design. So if you plan a renovation, a new construction project or a total home conversion, ensure you have the information above to estimate the interior design cost. When you know the basic parameters and have an idea of the decor, purpose, and style, check out interior design studios in your area. Choose the one with an intuitive design cost calculator: it simplifies the process from both sides and helps make more great design projects a reality.