Make an Interactive English Grammar Quiz with AidaForm

If you want language learning to be successful, make it fun. Turning a boring test into an entertaining activity that will help people learn grammar and test their language skills. We’ve prepared a sample interactive grammar quiz with fun questions that you can start with. Use the full power of AidaForm Expert to build your own conversational grammar tests for marketing, user engagement, and edutainment.

Create a Superior Learning Experience with AidaForm Expert

Use the powerful Expert features to turn a simple English grammar test into an advanced teaching and lead generation tool.

  • Count the score automatically and show custom results pages with learning tips and kudos to those who got everything right.
  • Make a conversational quiz and show correct answers with explanations after each question.
  • Create custom ‘thank you’ pages with course subscription offers and collect contacts of potential students.

Don’t have an AidaForm Expert subscription yet? Contact Us for a free 2-week trial to evaluate AidaForm on steroids.