HR Forms

We have created a whole collection of human resources forms to make your work easier. These are functioning online templates that you can customize to reflect your brand and HR needs in a couple of clicks!

Without any coding knowledge or extra software, you can create a fully branded set of forms to evaluate staff, hire for new positions, keep records of employees’ info, survey their satisfaction, etc.! AidaForm’s standard HR forms are beneficial for both small businesses and huge corporations. Mobile-friendly, online-fillable, good-looking, and easily customizable without using HTML. Yes, we have incorporated it all!

A form with lots of relevant questions and CV upload
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Three Steps to Use Our HR Forms

Choose the forms and build them into your HR management process with three simple steps.

Briefly look through the template tiles. Notice a necessary one? Hit the Use Template button and watch the form moving to your AidaForm account instantly! Thus, there is no need to start with a blank form. The template is already filled with all the elements and fields. If you don’t have an AidaForm account yet, you will see a registration form after the first click. These swift and free registration steps will give you access to the full variety of AidaForm editing tools and templates. Now, when you have access, observe the chosen template displayed right in the center. It is just waiting to be customized!
Press the Builder unit to access AidaForm’s editing toolkit. This is where you dress up the form with your brand colors, logo, suitable fonts, icons, and more. Open the Form Elements tool on the left hand side to drag-and-drop more fields into your form. Shift the elements, change the order, delete unnecessary ones, rename, add titles, and page breaks. Enliven the form with multiple choice or picture choice questions, survey ratings, scales, and sliders, and add special elements like File Upload (helpful for CV collecting) or Signature. You are free to make any number of changes and modifications here!

Click the Preview button to check the finished result. At this point, nobody but you can see the form live. To make it available to your applicants, go to the Publish tab. Switch the publish selector to ON, and that’s it! Now the whole company will be able to access the form through the shared link using their devices and laptops. Set Up the email address to which your HR managers will get all the PDF responses.

But don’t stop here! Explore more of AidaForm’s opportunities for your business. E.g., check the Results tab where all the responses will be stored accurately.

Use AidaForm for Free

Best Practices for Human Resources Forms

Move Paper-Based Workflow to Digital

To downsize paperwork and document bunching, start every evaluation, survey, or any other HR poll online. All the AidaFrom HR form templates are entirely online, which means you are able to fill in and submit a form using any of your devices, receive results in a PDF format, and keep them on hand as a digital database.

Incorporate Forms Into the Hiring Process

A well-structured employee information form, job application form, or other forms used by human resources will help you to collect all the essential info starting from the pre-hiring step. AidaForm’s templates will help you gather personal details for the required new hire papers like Form W-4 or I-9. Avoid duplicating work and include obligatory questions into your standard employee form (like full name, marital status, address, and SSN).

Attachments Are Important

Within one form, you can collect not just responses but also files! Personal photos, IDs, driving licenses, work permits, professional certificates, and other documents required to complete an employee’s profile. As part of the recruiting process, you can request a CV and cover letter to be attached to the form. It’s easier than it sounds! Drag and drop AidaForm’s special File Upload field to the form.

Keep Questions Neutral

Ethically speaking, avoid discriminating questions about ethnicity, religious groups, disabilities, age, or gender. Check twice to eliminate any unnecessary details that won’t actually act to improve the work process. Personal data that do not affect job safety or efficiency should not be a part of the forms used in human resources.

Ask for a Digital Signature

You got it right! Even if an applicant completes the form online, it doesn’t mean they cannot sign it. Personal signatures are preferable to prove the original consent of an employee to share his/her personal data. Besides, it’s convenient to have signature examples to hand. Use AidaForm’s Signature field, letting applicants sign the form with their smartphones or tablets.

Collect and Store Data Legally

Human resources management operates with a lot of personal data. An accurate Privacy Statement is an essential component of legal employment, collecting and analyzing personal data. Upon completing the form, employees can acknowledge and agree to the terms of your Privacy Policy and Data Processing: what information you collect and how you use it; if you share the data with third parties; what types of security procedures you use to protect against loss or misuse, and any other standards your applicants may find vital to know. AidaForm has designed a convenient Terms and Conditions checkbox that you can use as the Privacy Policy Statement and supplement it with your company’s privacy policy link.

Opt for Convenient Rating Scales

Responses should not be just collected but also evaluated and parsed. To make this possible, use evident rating scales and metrics. We always tend to upgrade AidaForm’s free HR forms templates with visual survey tools: scales, sliders, matrixes, and ratings. All of these fields are available within AidaForm’s Builder and turn a raw questionnaire into an engaging survey with a clear rating system and convenient given answers.

AidaForm Features for Implementing Online HR Forms


Create a whole set of branded and presentable-looking HR forms. Use your logo, brand colors, and more to follow the corporate style.


Include a Terms and Conditions checkbox and request digital signatures to comply with Privacy Protection laws.


Get direct access and check your completion statistics to all the responses through the AidaForm Results tab.

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