House Rental Application Form — Made Easy by AidaForm

A house rental application form is a document that landlords use to screen potential tenants. It serves as an important tool for property owners or managers to collect personal and financial information about the applicant and make informed decisions about who they allow to rent their property.

A good application to rent a house should include basic personal information: name, contact information, employment history, rental record and financial information such as income and credit score. In addition, a generic house rental application form should contain questions about the applicant’s rental preferences and lifestyle. Usually such forms are long documents with many fields and questions that require time and care, both from the landlord who is compiling the form and from a potential tenant who is filling it out.

On this very page, you will find a complete house rental application form template that you can use for your rental property. The template is available for free through AidaForm — an online service that allows you to create, edit and publish online forms. Below the ready-made template, we prepared a step-by-step tutorial to guide you through the process of customizing the template to fit your specific needs and preferences. Hope it will help you out!

Step-by-step guide: How to Tune up and Customize This Sample House Rental Application Form

We tried to make this online house rental application form as complete as possible. Yet, creating a customized form can be an even more efficient and convenient way to screen applicants and find the perfect tenants for your property. This is why AidaForm offers a sample house rental application form that you can customize to fit your specific requirements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get started:


Add the Premade House Rental Application Template to Your Profile

To begin, you will need to sign up for a free AidaForm account, in case you don’t have one yet. Once you have created an account, click Use Template at the top of this page. You can choose to use it as-is or customize the template.


Customize the Added Form Template

Clicking on the Form Elements panel brings you to the editing. You can tune up and adjust the template to include the specific questions and fields that you need for your rental property, delete questions, adjust the wording and rearrange the layout of the form as needed.


Add Additional Features to Level up Your House Rental Form

AidaForm offers many features that you can use to enhance your housing rental application form. One such feature is Logic Jumps, which allows the form to adjust the questions and fields on the following pages based on the applicant’s previous answers. For example, if an applicant answers “Yes” to the question “Do you plan to live alone?”, the form will skip the question about the number of occupants and the info about them. This guide will help you set up the Logic Jumps properly.

Another useful feature is File Upload, which allows applicants to upload files such as pay stubs, bank statements or reference letters. With AidaForm, you can set up the number, formats, and size of uploaded files to ensure that applicants provide only the necessary documents.

Media Answers is the field that you can use to allow applicants to add video, audio or text responses. For example, you could include a question like “Why I am a perfect tenant” and allow applicants to record a short video or audio response, or submit a traditional text reply.

The Captcha element will verify that your form is filled out by a real person, not a bot, and will protect your form from the invasion of bots and spammers.

Automatic Save to Resume Later will help prevent potential tenants from giving up halfway. Forms like this contain a lot of questions and details and often take about 30-40 minutes to fill out. This setting will allow applicants to pause the form and come back to it later right from where they left it.

Finally, you can add a Progress Bar that will show how much more is left to fill out.


Adjust the Design of Your Application to Rent a House

AidaForm allows you to customize the look and feel of your house rental application form. With the help of the Form Designer (you will find the button on the right), you can choose from a variety of pre-designed themes, or you can create your own custom theme to match your branding or personal style.


Publish Your House Rental Application Form

Once you have customized your house rental application, proceed to the Publish tab where you can publish it on your website or share it with applicants via email or social media. AidaForm offers several options for embedding the form on your website, including a simple copy-and-paste code compatible with WordPress, Wix and other website builders.


Collect and Manage the Applications

The final step is managing the responses to your application form for renting a house. You can do it directly from your account dashboard, where you will be able to view, sort, save as a PDF, print and filter the responses to easily identify qualified applicants and follow up with them as needed.

Using a ready-made template to create a customized house rental application form via AidaForm can save you time and streamline your tenant screening process. We hope you find great tenants for your beloved house!