Hotel Guest Satisfaction Survey

Don’t bother your guests with another boring and bland satisfaction survey - use this stylish-looking conversational form instead! Interactive scales and ratings won’t take too long to answer while the “one question at a time” format makes the form entertaining and intriguing for your guests.

Print the QR code for the form and then ask your guests to scan and open it using any online device they have on hand. Your guests will spend half a minute completing the form, giving you priceless feedback, which is literally a clear direction to follow to improve your business and have happier guests.

Steps to Use Your Hotel Guest Feedback Form

Hit the green Use This Template button under the template to instantly transfer it to your AidaForm account. Right, you need to have an account to access all the AidaForm services, save the changes you make, and to use our response storage. Even if you are not an AidaForm user yet, hit the green button anyway. You will then be directed to the registration page. Complete a ten-second registration process for free to automatically move to AidaForm’s designing tool where your guest feedback form template is ready and waiting.
To change any parts of the template, go to the Builder tab. The Form Elements tab will be helpful to arrange questions. Choose your questions carefully in order to get a useful insight. Survey fields (ratings and scales), multiple choice, and picture choice questions make the form concise and more understandable for respondents. Insert one or two open-ended questions, letting guests leave their comments. And, of course, use media file fields, headers, and text to create an introduction and smooth transitions from question to question.
The Form Designer toolkit turns you into a pro UI designer with just a few simple toggles and settings. Set a color scheme, fonts, and sizes reflecting your brand style. Choose a fitted button style and hide icons if needed. To check how your hotel guest survey is being modified, click the Preview button from time to time. Upload your logo, and you are ready to publish the form! To present your guest survey to the people out there, go to the Publish tab. There, toggle to the “published” status. Now, you can share it easily: send a link or embed it on your website.
A couple more tips for you! Set a related manager’s email address in the Set Up section to get notifications every time somebody submits the form. Check the Results tab for convenient statistics charts, a summary, and the responses themselves. That’s it! You are all equipped and ready to collect feedback for better business flow.