Scientifically-backed Greed Test to Assess Dispositional Greed

This self-assessment test consists of six questions and assesses how greedy a person is on the scale from 1 (very low) to 7 (very high). The Greed Test was developed and conducted by the psychologists Krekels G. & Pandelaere M. in 2015*. Their studies demonstrate that greed is related to but different from materialism. It is also positively related to entitlement, egotism, social comparison, envy, competition and productivity orientation and negatively related to impression management and satisfaction with life.

Take the Greed Questionnaire free of charge to see all questions and the result page. The test is completely anonymous: no test data is tracked, stored or processed by AidaForm.

If you would like to use the test for business, scientific or educational purposes, you need to add it to your AidaForm Expert account. Click the Use This Template button and the Greed Test will open in your account’s Builder section. There you can customize its design and settings, and add more fields if required.

* Krekels, G., & Pandelaere, M. (2015). Dispositional greed. Personality and Individual Differences, 74, 225–230.

Scientifically Proven Leadership Development Screening Tests

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