Generic Job Application Form

The generic employment application is used to collect information about job seekers as part of the recruitment process. This standard job application form makes sure that candidates’ skills and competencies are assessed in a fair and unbiased way. Plus, it helps to speed up the application process and easily compare applicants!

You can easily customize this template for your business in the AidaForm Builder: select and change fonts, colors, and images, include different types of fields until the generic job application template meets your requirements.

How to Customize a Generic Employment Application Form


Instead of starting with a blank template, it is better to use the AidaForm standard job application template with all basic fields and questions already included. By clicking the Use This Template button, you can add this AidaForm general job application sample to your account and start editing the template immediately. Depending on the open position, required qualifications, and other criteria, you may need to rearrange and add some fields to the general employment application template.

First, look at the contents of the generic job application template. If it already has all the information you need to collect from applicants, all that’s left is a bit of personalization: add the name of your company, your logo and contact details. If there are some specific questions that you want your candidates to answer, make sure to include them in your generic job application form now.

Using the drag and drop function in the AidaForm Builder, add different types of fields to get the desired result: in addition to the standard Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Text fields, you can use the Matrix field to assess candidates’ soft and hard skills. When the information is structured this way, it’s easy to compare candidates based on those skills. Give applicants the option to add a link to their LinkedIn profile, not just attach their resume. Go all out with your standard job application form as much as your business needs.


Make the generic employment application form convenient for candidates to fill out and set up instant response notifications for your recruiting team.

  • To prevent candidates from answering superfluous questions, for instance, about their previous workplaces if they answered that they have no job experience, you can configure logic jumps between questions. With logic jumps, you can create a single form for multiple positions: ask marketers questions about their knowledge of product promotion and allow designers to upload their portfolios.
  • To instantly receive notifications about submitted job applications, go to Set Up > Email Notifications and specify the email addresses of recruitment specialists who are going to receive new notifications.
  • Don’t forget to change the status of the form to On in the Publish section and copy the link to the standard job application form to send it via email or post on the website.
Automate your work processes for even more efficiency. Go to Set Up > 3rd Party Integrations to connect the generic job application template with your favorite tools like Google Sheets, Mailchimp, and Slack so you can spend less time looking for the perfect candidate and stay focused on your workflow.

Advantages of Using the Standard Application for Employment

The generic job application form can serve as the first step of a job interview for candidates. That form helps employers to get a better understanding of what the candidate is like and how they can be beneficial to the business process. Candidates, on the other hand, can get an idea of the requirements for the chosen position. Having a generic employment application makes it easier for both employers and job seekers to prepare for job interviews.
Thanks to its uniform structure, the standard job application form lets you separate qualified candidates from those who do not meet the minimum requirements for the next stages of recruitment. Having all candidates complete an online form helps with all the same questions makes comparing their qualifications easier. Plus, you can insert a few flag questions that help to quickly see if the person answering them knows what they’re talking about. Filtering out the candidates who don’t qualify at a glance instead of going through CVs and cover letters first significantly reduces the screening time for each candidate – and that’s where a standard application for employment comes into play.
Having candidates submit their application through a general employment application template gives your recruiters the first impression of their professionalism and work conduct. The way applicants complete the standard job application form helps you learn more about them: have they made grammatical mistakes in their answers, and have they understood all your questions correctly? General language proficiency, the ability to understand and follow instructions are highly valued, especially positions that require writing and administrative skills.