Fundraiser Order Form Template

There are multiple ways to raise funds for charitable causes or support nonprofit organizations like direct donations and fundraising campaigns where all or some of the profits are donated to the chosen initiative.

If you’re thinking about collecting donations directly, proceed to this optimized donation form template . The free Fundraiser Order Form Template by AidaForm is designed for the second option. It saves you a lot of time when launching a charity campaign because AidaForm has already structured and coded the fundraising form. So all you need to do is enter your product range, prices, customize the imagery, add contact details and the order form is good to be shared to the customers via a link on social networks or in a newsletter. You can also easily insert it into your website through an automatically generated piece of code.

How to Use the AidaForm’s Fundraising Template

Helping an important cause usually involves a lot of work. But designing your online store won’t be part of it if you’re using an editable fundraiser order form template by AidaForm. Here are some of its key advantages.

  • To raise the effectiveness of your fundraiser, go the extra mile and record an elevator pitch — a short, clear video message explaining why the charitable cause of your choice is worth helping. Describe the products in your offer and add an emotional touch to reach the hearts of your audience. To add it to the template, drag and drop the Media File field from the Form Elements on the left.
  • Does your offer include many products to choose from? AidaForm’s sample fundraising order form is perfect for a product range of any size. Quickly organize all your products or services into meaningful groups to make it easier for your customers to navigate the list. Add as many Order Cart sections as needed by copying the default one and replacing the titles and prices.
  • Expand your product list by clicking the green settings wheel in the form builder to open the Order cart panel. Then, click the Add product button. You can also add a description to provide more information about each item.
  • Set up different delivery charges depending on the customer’s location. To add more delivery options, click the green settings wheel in the Shipment costs and change the number of columns on the right panel, then add their titles in the Options field below.
  • Ensure a great user experience thanks to the built-in Checkout page functionality. It allows your customers to review their chosen items, choose between preferred payment methods and confirm their order by proceeding to payment.
  • Streamline the purchasing process by adding various payment methods to the fundraising form. Go to the Hidden Field: Checkout section in the template editor and open its settings. You can enable PayPal or Stripe as your preferred payment provider on the right-hand panel. You can also set up a custom invoice form if desired.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Create Your Own Fundraiser Order Form

AidaForm allows you to customize the fundraiser form template and design your own version precisely as you see fit.

Click the Use Template button to begin customizing a sample form, which will be saved in your AidaForm account. Alternatively, you can start with a blank template: click Create New Form on the home page and choose Start Blank.
Easily tailor the chosen form by adding, removing, or modifying elements as needed. The Form Elements panel on the left side of the fundraising form template allows you to insert new form fields easily.
To make the form truly your own, use the Form Designer on the right to adjust the layout and personalize the font, background image and icons used for rating questions. Place your nonprofit campaign logo or the logo of a charity organization at the top to ensure proper branding.
Add a link to the checkbox confirming that customers have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions to provide them with all required context around the organization or project they are helping by placing the order.
Once you’ve completed your design, head to the Publish tab and switch the Published toggle to ON. Your fundraising form is now ready to be shared as a link via email or embedded on a web page with a simple piece of code. You will be able to review the statistics of the form and the list of orders in the Results tab at the top of the AidaForm editor.