Free Simple Order Form Template by AidaForm

A simple order form is an essential tool that streamlines the online sales process. It serves as a virtual checkout counter, allowing customers to purchase products and services with ease. AidaForm offers a free, user-friendly standard order form template that simplifies the entire purchasing experience!

Using AidaForm’s simple order form template, you can customize fields and colors of the form at no cost, tailoring the basic template to your brand’s aesthetics. Product information can be seamlessly integrated, giving customers all the details they need to make informed decisions.

Whether you choose to publish the form on your website or embed it directly, AidaForm makes it hassle-free. It’s a code-free form builder — an easy and convenient solution for businesses of all sizes. With just a few clicks, you will have a fully functional easy online order form ready to boost your sales!

Start with the Free Generic Order Form

AidaForm’s free generic order form template is your one-stop solution for small businesses. This feature-rich template provides all the essential tools you need to kickstart your e-commerce endeavors. Key features of AidaForm’s basic order form template are absolutely free of charge and include:

Custom design

Make your order form truly yours by personalizing its appearance. With AidaForm, you have the freedom to adjust colors, background images, logos and fonts, ensuring that your form aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Unlimited number of fields

You can add as many fields as you require, whether it’s for gathering customer information, selecting product options or collecting special requests.

Unlimited forms

AidaForm allows you to create an unlimited number of order forms under one account. Manage and organize various products effortlessly and never miss a beat in your sales process.

100 orders per month

AidaForm empowers small businesses by offering up to 100 order submissions per month in the Free plan. For businesses requiring higher order capacity, the affordable $12/month plan opens up the limit to 1,000 orders per month.

Captcha & terms checkbox

Security and compliance are essential aspects of any online transaction. AidaForm’s simple online order form template includes built-in Captcha protection to prevent unwanted bot submissions. Additionally, you can add a GDPR-compliant Terms checkbox to ensure customers acknowledge and agree to your terms and conditions.

Email notifications

Receive instant alerts regarding new form submissions and order details, delivered directly to your inbox. You can even configure the form to send notifications as a PDF attachment to one or more email addresses, ensuring that your team is always informed.

Google Sheets integration

Seamlessly manage your order data by automatically adding each new submission from your simple order form to a selected Google Sheets table.

Easy publishing

You can publish the form by linking to it or embedding it directly into an unlimited number of pages and websites. It doesn’t matter if your website is built with HTML, or in WordPress, Wix or any other website builder.

Increase Your Sales with AidaForm Expert Account

Take your online sales to new heights with AidaForm’s Expert plan, offering advanced features that supercharge your order form’s capabilities. Boost conversions and save time with the following additions:

Multiple payment methods

Offer customers the flexibility to pay via PayPal, credit card (via Stripe) or offline methods.

Discounts and coupons

Attract more buyers by automatically applying discounts for multiple item orders or purchases exceeding a specified amount. Create discount coupons for promotions and special offers.

Logic jumps and conditional visibility

Simplify the purchase process by showing only relevant pages and fields in your standard order form template based on buyer choices.

Inventory management

Prevent overselling by specifying the number of available products or event seats. AidaForm calculates the remaining items and updates availability in real time.


Delight customers with automatic order confirmations sent after form submissions.

To learn more and get started, visit AidaForm’s Order Form Creator page. For a comprehensive trial experience, contact our Support Team and get two weeks of the Expert plan.