Free Job Application Template

Use the AidaForm free sample job application to gather all the relevant job seeker data. This template will cover most job screening needs out of the box, but you can create a more specific online form for your open position. Ask about specific job-related skills, availability for shift work, desired salary, drivers’ license, and anything else that is important in your case.

Speed up the review process for job applications and simplify your hiring workflow! Set up email notifications for hiring managers and keep everyone informed about new submissions. Reduce the amount of manual work for your HR department by integrating the AidaForm template with useful workflow tools like Google Sheets or Slack.

How to Use this Free Employment Application Template


Log in to your AidaForm account or create an AidaForm account if you don’t already have one. Click the Use This Template button to add a free sample job application to your account and start configuring and editing the template.

You can add extra form fields in the Form Elements panel. The free employment application template lets you collect basic information about your applicants like their contact data, education, and skills. However, don’t forget to check if it’s enough for your position. For example, many hiring managers may require information about a candidate’s previous employers. To create an “Experience and Training” section in the free job application template, add the Text fields (short or long) for the applicant to enter the company name and specify job title and responsibilities, add the Date field so the applicant can input Dates of Employment.

Next, check out the Form Designer panel. There, you can customize the look of the free sample job application to suit your company’s branding: change the colors, set the fonts according to the design guideline or brand book, upload your logo, change the shape of the buttons, choose the form scale.


Once you have a working template, go to the Set Up section to adjust advanced settings for the free employment application template.

Change the name of the free sample job application to match the job title, so that there is no confusion with other online forms on your account. To rename the form, enter a new form name in the Form name field. Make it clear what job or department this job application is for.

Under Set Up > Email Notifications, type in the emails of the recruiters who should be notified of application submission. Additionally, use the Notification Reply-To and Notification Subject options to enable sending a reply email to candidates confirming that you have received their application.

Under Set Up > 3rd Party Integrations, configure the integration with Google Sheets if your team manages the paperwork through Google online services and documents. This way, new incoming responses will instantly appear in the spreadsheet you specify. If your team uses Slack in their workflow, set up the Slack integration to forward new responses directly to your team channels or as private messages.

Ta-da! Now that you’ve finished customizing the free job application template, you can publish your form. Go to the Publish section to make the form available online. Easily share the form anywhere for a wider reach: on your website, in blogs, and through social media channels. The form can also be shared via email so employees can make referrals.

Can I Use this Free Employment Application Template without Full Customization?

The presented free job application template does not collect information about work experience and does not include the File Upload field for candidates to upload additional accompanying documents (a CV, cover letter, course certificates, etc.). However, there are positions where collecting that information through the free employment application template is optional. Below, we’ve listed positions that are covered with this free sample job application as is or with minimal changes without complicated customization and major edits.

For Students and Trainees

This free sample of the employment application form may be offered by the academic institution where the student is currently studying, or by the company where the vacancy is open on a part-time, seasonal, or temporary basis, for people who want to get some work experience and earn some money before they graduate from college.

In this case, the free job application template has to cover only the students’ skills and abilities, not the work and professional experience. You can easily add fields to the form with questions such as “Your Master Thesis Topic” and “Future Research” to learn more about the direction in which students plan to grow professionally. This helps build a more dedicated approach to explaining the benefits that the trainee can provide to your company if they are hired.

For Volunteers

Volunteers carry your mission by getting passionately involved in your community. They bring new, specialized skills for the team to reach your community’s purpose. The free employment application template is easy to adapt to help recruit and screen volunteers for your organization. A volunteer recruitment form should not contain specific employment-related questions and only collect the relevant information about the volunteer like their educational background or volunteering experience. You can also add the Multiple Choice field to find out on which days volunteers can participate in your community activities. This can also help you organize the work schedule and employee participation more efficiently. Recruit more volunteers by using a beautiful form that people will love to fill out on any device.