Free Grammar Test Template

Use this free English grammar test template to create a pop-quiz for distance learning: we designed it with English teachers and grammar enthusiasts in mind. Adopt and customize this free sample English grammar test if you want to easily test others on grammar topics: conditionals, articles, modal verbs, tenses, etc. Share the grammar test with your students via email or messengers and publish it on your website if you want to. Gather responses in your free AidaForm account.

Please note that you’ll still need to check the answers and grade answer sheets manually in this free online English grammar test template. Want to save time with automated scoring and engage students? Try our grammar test with Expert features .

Create a Superior Learning Experience with Expert Features

Use the powerful Expert features to turn a simple grammar test into an advanced teaching and lead generation tool. Check out our sample interactive grammar quiz .

  • Count the score automatically and show custom results pages with learning tips and kudos to those who got everything right.
  • Make a conversational quiz and show correct answers with explanations after each question.
  • Create custom ‘thank you’ pages with course subscription offers and collect contacts of potential students.

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