Food Order Form Template

Online food orders became an essential part of people’s lives during lockdowns and are a default service customers expect from every new restaurant, fast food truck or catering company. Fortunately, you don’t need to know anything about HTML coding or website building to launch your own online food delivery business. You can customize the versatile food order form template by AidaForm in a matter of minutes and embed it into your web page, or use it as a minisite immediately. Your customers will be ready to make meal orders, calculate delivery costs and the final price, and pay using their preferred payment system right in the form. Try this simple food order form and learn more about its advantages below.

Custom Restaurant Order Form by AidaForm

Restaurant order form templates may have different structures, and AidaForm has optimized its sample for maximum efficiency. The blank food order form template consists of three parts:

  • The Order Cart or menu with different categories, dishes and drinks to choose from;
  • The Contact Details page for delivery address and other related information;
  • The Checkout page with an order overview and choice of payment method.

The Order Cart page allows you to organize your food menu into different categories for easy navigation: starters, first course, main dish, dessert, beverages and drinks, and so on. Click the green Settings wheel to add, edit, or remove products and specify the prices. Tell your clients more about the offer by filling in the description field.

To ensure transparency and maximize conversion, your customers will see the total price and the tax while making the order. To edit the sales tax amount, currency or explanation text, go to the Hidden Field: Formula in the food order template editor. You can also remove this field altogether if you don’t want the customers to see it before checkout.

To make your food delivery order form more appealing, add mouth-watering photos of the dishes in your offer by uploading graphic files into image fields. You can also add your logo to one of them. To illustrate each item in a category, drag and drop the Cards element from the Form Elements panel on the left.

Customize the design of the sample food order form by changing the background, font, icons, and other graphic elements in the Form Designer panel on the right-hand side.

The Hidden Field: Checkout section of the Checkout page allows you to add up to three different payment methods to ensure your customers can place an order the way they are used to. Using the right-hand panel, you can enable PayPal or Stripe as your preferred payment providers. Alternatively, you can also set up a custom invoice form.

You can then share the form as a link available on the Publish tab of the editor. Place it in the restaurant’s Facebook or Instagram page bio — these platforms are typically used to promote new places, showcase unique menu items and engage with guests and customers. Consider changing the URL address to make it more SEO-friendly.

To use the form as your own food ordering website, include the company information somewhere by adding the text field element. It will be available on any desktop and mobile device without additional adjustments. You can also embed the form directly on a web page using an automatically generated piece of code.

How to Customize the Food Order Template

To create a food order form using the AidaForm template, follow these steps:

Click the Use Template button to modify a pre-made online food order form and save it to your AidaForm account. If you’d prefer to start from scratch, click on Create New Form on the home page and select the Start Blank option.
Use the Form Elements panel on the left side to easily add, remove or modify elements on your form. Then, use the Form Designer on the right to adjust the layout and personalize the font, background image and icons. You can also add your restaurant’s logo to the top of the form for branding.
When you’re finished designing your form, head to the Publish tab and switch the Published toggle to ON. Here you will find all the sharing and publishing options described above.
Check the Results tab to view the form’s statistics and list of orders. Make sure your customers are satisfied with their meals and spread the word about your restaurant!