Fitness Class Registration Form Template

The online fitness registration form will help you collect registrations both on your website and social media. This yoga registration form is only one of the examples of what you can create using the AidaForm form builder! The registration form for yoga class can be easily customized to register people for the classes you offer: you can edit titles and text, set up the number of seats in your groups, add new fields simply by clicking on the list of ready-made form elements, add your own colors and background picture and much more!

Along with sending notifications about new registrations to the specified email address, all registrations are stored securely in your AidaForm account where you can manage and download them any time you need them! Would you like to automatically transfer your fitness class registration data to a Google Sheet or get a notification in a Slack channel? You can easily set it up using direct integrations AidaForm has developed for you.

Add the fitness registration form template to your account by clicking the Use This Template button for further customization and start collecting registrations today!

Make the Most of Your Yoga Registration Form with AidaForm


Send your registrants an email confirmation

Your registrants will surely appreciate getting a confirmation email with the details of their registration to their email inbox. What is more, you can provide any additional information and useful tips that your clients may need to be fully prepared for the training!


Collect customer feedback and conduct customer satisfaction surveys

This is an excellent way to learn how your class participants feel during sessions, what they enjoy most and what they would like to improve. Print a QR code for your feedback form and make it available any time your clients might want to share their thoughts with you. Check AidaForm feedback form templates to choose the one you’d like to use.


Collect payments online using PayPal and Stripe

Make it easier for your participants to pay for your fitness classes — add the option to collect payments right on your training class registration form! The advanced Checkout field allows for choosing between payment methods: PayPal, credit card or a custom method that can be cash or invoice for a wire transfer.


Let your registrants know how many places are left in each class

Use AidaForm’s Inventory Management to set the number of spots in each class. The remaining spots and class status will be displayed on the form automatically. You don’t need to keep track of anything manually — the class won’t be available for registration once all the spots are taken.