Feedback Form Templates

Gathering meaningful feedback is crucial for any enterprise, whether it’s a small business, a large company, a volunteer project or a personal blog. With AidaForm’s free professional-looking feedback form examples, you can gather data to evaluate satisfaction or crowdsource great ideas from your website visitors, event attendees or colleagues.

All AidaForm templates are mobile-optimized and fully customizable. You can easily edit online feedback form templates and design your surveys without HTML programming skills. Drag and drop new fields to add interactive sliders, ratings, scales, and multiple- and picture-choice questions. You can even gather audio and video answers to gain valuable customer insights! Choose among the feedback survey templates below and start personalizing the one that fits your use case.

AidaForm Feedback Form Samples

AidaForm offers a collection of different feedback form samples for different industries and use cases: a 360-degree questionnaire for organizations, a course evaluation and workshop feedback survey for online education and many more, as well as all-purpose feedback forms. Depending on your product or service, you can use different evaluation methods:

  • The Rating feature allows you to add a star rating to your web form and specify the number of stars you want to display. It is a great way to get an overall high-level insight into the perceived quality of your product or service.
  • Scale is a great way to get slightly more granular feedback from users. You can add multiple scales to evaluate particular aspects of the product or stages of the customer journey you’re creating. If the default options (from Very poor to Excellent) don’t fit your question, change the labels by clicking the green gear wheel icon for the element.
  • The Matrix combines many scales into one set. It makes it easy to evaluate multiple products in one go. Again, you can easily change the number of columns and rows and relabel them in the element’s settings panel.
  • The Slider specifies the value from 0% to 100%, which provides an opportunity for precise evaluation. Use it when you think your survey-takers are engaged enough to put thought into an answer. It is also a good idea to follow a Slider with a short or long text form and ask for the reasons for the given grade.

But you can do more than just text-based feedback! Add the Media Answer field to enable your customers to attach audio, video files or screenshots to express their thoughts or illustrate a point they’re making.

The Free AidaForm account lets you collect up to 100 responses a month across all of the published surveys. To design custom logic, add a Thank You page and Auto-replies to your respondents, upgrade to the Expert plan! It also increases the response limit to 5,000 a month.

Once the survey is published, analyzing the results is effortless. Go to the Results tab to get a snapshot of its performance on the Completion stats page. Check the automatically built graphs with rates given by the questionnaire-takers in the Response summary. Or take a deep dive into the individual responses in the Response inbox.

How to Customize a Feedback Survey Template in AidaForm

With AidaForm, you’re in full control over how your feedback form works and looks. Add or remove fields and change the design to make it look more entertaining or to fit your brand guidelines.

Click Use Template to start customizing the selected sample. It will be added to your AidaForm account so you can come back to editing any time or start immediately.
Adjust the feedback form by adding various types of responses from the left-hand Form Elements panel.
Change the layout by opening the Form Designer on the right-hand side: you can change anything from font to background image. Add descriptions to the questions to avoid miscommunication. Customize the icons for the rating question. Enable the Progress Bar to increase conversion.
Set up the survey in the next step at the top of the Builder screen. You can choose the language and add the tags to organize your forms better in case you have several of them. Specify the SEO title and page description to make the survey more search-engine-friendly.
Publish your feedback form. When everything’s ready, go to the Publish tab and switch the Published toggle to ON. Your online feedback form is now available to fill out through a link or embed it onto a website using a ready-made piece of HTML-code. Notify your customers and start gathering valuable feedback immediately!
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