Facial Consent Form Template

A facial treatment consent form is essential for any beauty salon or medical studio: it helps to fully inform studio customers about treatment and possible side effects and at the same time, collect customers’ personal information, their consent and acknowledgement. In AidaForm, you can easily create a facial consent form that meets the requirements of your salon or clinic and use it online to go digital and reduce paperwork.

The facial consent form template is a generic facial consent form that you can easily customize in your AidaForm account without any coding skills. Not only can you add more questions and checkboxes and edit the text on your form, you can also change colors, fonts, button shapes and much more in minutes!

Click the Use This Template button to add the template to your AidaForm account. Customize the form content and design and start collecting consent today! Would you like to collect your clients’ signatures on the form? This is possible if you have an Expert or Ultimate AidaForm account. If you collect consent using checkbox fields on your form, you can collect up to 100 form submissions per month in your free account.

Click the Use This Template button to add the general facial consent form to your AidaForm account. The form will open in the Builder section and you can start customizing your form right away.
Add as many fields to your consent form for facial treatment as you need — AidaForm does not limit the number of fields and forms, even in free accounts. Feel free to edit any text and arrange fields into meaningful blocks using Page Break fields.
If you are looking for a free facial consent form template, you will need to delete the Signature field from the template as this field only works in the Expert and Ultimate plans. If you choose to use a free AidaForm account, you can collect up to 100 responses per month.
Once you have created and designed a skin care consent form, you need to make it available online. Switch to the Publish section of the AidaForm service and toggle the Publish setting to ON. Do you want to place the form on your website? You can easily do this using a ready-made embed code that you will find in the same section.
All responses that your customers send to you will be safely stored in the Results section of your AidaForm account. If you wish, you can automatically receive response data to specified email addresses and even send it to a connected Google Sheet.

It’s important to remember that you are solely responsible for complying with your local laws, rules and regulations. AidaForm provides you with a tool to collect your clients’ consent and acknowledgement using checkboxes and signature fields, but it’s your job and your responsibility to find out if using them is legally binding in your country or district.

Legal issues aside, you can certainly use the skincare facial consent form to ask your clients questions before their treatment, such as what they want to achieve or if they have any allergies. The security of the data collected is one of AidaForm’s top priorities: all data is transferred via secure channels and stored in a safe, protected environment.