AidaForm’s Event Registration Form Template

Wondering how to create an event form quickly? We have an idea! Use the free event registration template by AidaForm.

This template has been optimized for mobile devices and can be easily customized. Add your logo, adjust the fonts and colors to match your website’s design, and set up Paypal payment if necessary. It’s quick and simple – no need to know how to code in HTML!

Step-By-Step Tutorial: How to Use This Event Form Template

Click the Use This Template button and log in to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have one yet, you’ll be forwarded to the registration page. Follow the simple steps to register, then log in to your account - the event registration form template will be waiting for you there!
Open the Builder. Here, you can add a logo or photo to your form, change colors and fonts. Add or remove form fields, and change their texts to fit your event. The starting template is a general event registration form example, but it can be fully customized to your needs.
(Optional) Add the PayPal field if you want to collect payments for the event participation as part of the registration process. Open the PayPal field settings and specify the Currency, Your PayPal Account, Payment Type, etc. Please note that the PayPal field is visible in your free account, but to start collecting payments, you will need to upgrade to Expert.
Check the form using the Preview button. All done? Then make it available online through the Publish tab and share the form with others using a direct link to the form page. You can also embed your form on your website (including sites created on WordPress).

Quick Tips: How to Create an Event Registration Form That Gets Completed

Anticipate the Questions Participants May Have and Answer Them

People often have questions before registering: about fees, cancellations, refunds, the event schedule, etc. If you can’t answer all of them in the form itself, consider including a link to your FAQ section – your guests will be grateful.

Use Standard Labels for Standard Fields

People fill out numerous forms here and there and they are already used to the standard fields like name, address, phone number, etc. Don’t be creative with standard fields in registration forms for events unless you want people to get confused and spend too much time deciphering the meaning of your labels. If it fits your event fine, you can keep standard field labels from our event registration form sample.

Omit Unnecessary Questions

It’s a fact that the shorter the form, the more likely it is to be filled out. Before publishing your online event registration form, examine each input field again and check if the registration is impossible without this information. And only if the answer is yes, keep the question in the form.

Be Mobile-Friendly – it’s a Must

There are always registrants who are busy and fill out forms on the go. Test the form on your mobile phone: the form should be short and adaptive. Good news: the last condition is automatically fulfilled if you use AidaForm!

Be GDPR Compliant and Protect Privacy

Make sure you get users’ permission to collect their data. You don’t need to bury yourself in legislation – AidaForm offers ready-made checkboxes that include the correct wording that complies with the GDPR. Simply add the ready-to-use fields and paste the links to your Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Use Secure Payments

If you collect payments for participation in the event, then the security of processing is essential. Use only well-known payment processors like PayPal to avoid compromising the payment data of your customers.