Event Evaluation Form Template

It’s important to gather and analyze data after an event. We’ve developed a free event evaluation form template that allows you to collect post-event attendee feedback. Just log in to AidaForm, share and send it as is within a few minutes. Or you can customize this sample event evaluation form to collect more specific feedback about your event using the short guide below with examples and descriptions.

What Should I Ask? Ideas for Event Evaluation Form Questions

After any event, it is important to collect feedback from as many participants as possible so you can see what went particularly well and what you can do better next time. There are different ways to structure the post-event evaluation questionnaire and different approaches to asking questions. But the key is to make the process simple so that more people complete the questionnaire. To make sure you get the most valuable feedback and don’t miss what’s important, we’ve prepared a few ideas of what you should add to your event evaluation form and short guides of what field types you can use in AidaForm for that:

Write an Introduction and Say Thanks

Spend time formulating the heading of your event evaluation survey. Enter the name of the event and its date at the beginning of the form – it’ll help participants to quickly understand what that is about. Use text fields such as Header, Subheader, and Text from the Basic section on the left panel of the AidaForm Builder. You can also use the Media field to add your logo.

It is also very important to thank the attendees for completing your survey and note that their evaluation is very important to you. Include authentic words of gratitude after they’ve answered the final question. Learn how to customize your ‘Thank You’ Page in AidaForm.

Collect Names and Contact Details

Post-event evaluation surveys can be anonymous, but asking event participants to fill in their contact details is a good way to collect contacts for future marketing purposes or events. We suggest that you make these fields optional, though, and always ask for the participants’ consent to use their data for marketing. AidaForm has a Contact Info section with all the relevant fields – just select the field you need from the list and add it to your post-event evaluation form!

Ask for Permissions

You may add a checkbox question to your form asking people’s permission to use their comments and reviews. This way, you can create a great collection of comments for your website, future events, brochures, and much more! You can also ask respondents for permission to send them newsletters. AidaForm already has a ready-to-use Newsletter Signup checkbox. You can edit its text at your convenience and use it at will.

Specify Event Blocks or Dates

To obtain more meaningful event evaluations and make a more precise analysis, you should ask the respondents what sections and days they were directly involved in at the event. Let them select the workshops and panels they attended and ask for specific feedback. The Dropdown and Multiple-Choice fields are best for this type of question. Naturally, not every participant will have attended every workshop or every session during all event days. We recommend configuring Logic jumps in the event evaluation survey to let respondents review just the selected activities or at least skip irrelevant form sections.

Include Rating Scales

As the name suggests, these are the core building blocks of your post-event evaluation survey. You can use a rating scale with checkboxes that respondents can mark according to the statement or question. Have attendees rate any event aspect you want on a scale from one to five, from ‘poor’ to ’excellent’ or from ‘unsatisfied’ to ‘very satisfied.’ The Survey section in the AidaForm’s Form Elements panel will help you to easily add rating scale questions. There, we have grouped all the field types you may need for event evaluation – Rating, Scale, Matrix, Slider – mix and match them to get a complete evaluation of your event.

Tip: To get better at Rating Scale questions, check out all the different types and examples of Rating Scales created with AidaForm.

Check How Loyal Your Attendees Are

For example, you can ask, how likely they are to recommend your events to someone else. The answers to this question will help to evaluate whether your attendees are detractors (not likely to recommend your event) or promoters (likely to recommend your event).

Tip: Here is a full article about Net Promoter Score so you can understand how to work with it and what field to use to calculate it.

Use ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ Questions Right

‘Yes’ or ‘No’ questions are probably the easiest to answer. The person can simply tick the respective option and move on. However, you should remember that ‘Yes’ / ‘No’ questions should only be asked when the respondent can give a definitive answer and there is no need for a detailed evaluation. ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ questions are a good way to quickly segment your event participants, for example, who has attended your events before and who hasn’t. Here’s another idea: you may ask respondents if they would like to participate as a speaker at your next event. Use the Multiple-Choice field for this question by dragging it from the left panel onto your post-event evaluation form template.

Take Advantage of Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions prompt people to leave a comment. They can’t be answered with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and can’t be measured on a rating scale. Open-ended questions are great for obtaining quality data, but note that people will often skip them altogether because writing something requires more effort than simply choosing from pre-formulated options. To make answering open-ended questions easier, AidaForm has voice input for the Long Text field.

Your event evaluation form, won’t necessarily use all these types of questions. You can use a mix of questions, and some might not be included in your post-event evaluation form at all. Choose the question order and the question types based on the event you organized. AidaForm has a selection of evaluation form templates that you can use right away.

Why is Event Evaluation Survey Important?

An event evaluation form is, ideally, an online form with a set of evaluation criteria that event organizers use to understand how successful an event has been. Conducting a post-event evaluation survey is a must after every event. It is an opportunity to gather feedback and plan future changes: improve strategy, contents, logistics, and scheduling. But there’s more to it than that. Here are some other reasons why post-event evaluation is so important:

  • Find out if the event has achieved the goals you set

    This is especially important if your event generates income or raises funds. Facts and figures about the success of previous events provide the justification for increasing the budget or getting sponsorship for the next event!

  • Meet the expectations of attendees in the future

    Get quality feedback from participants to improve future events. For example, if attendees shared that they liked a particular session or presenter, you can invite the same speaker next year. Or, if it was difficult for participants to navigate the event halls or program schedule, you should consider improving the event in terms of zone distribution and labeling.

  • Increase brand awareness

    An evaluation survey is a great way to remind people about your brand. Plus, you can grow the audience of your other promotion channels: your newsletter database for email marketing and your social networks. It’s useful to ask for contact details in your post-event evaluation form. For instance, include an email address field to keep in touch with your audience. You can also prompt respondents to subscribe to your social media communities in the event evaluation form and work with your audience there. In your event evaluation form, you can also ask if attendees would like to get a free coach consultation to add a personal touch and increase participants’ loyalty to your brand.