Evaluation Form Templates

Need to capture and organize feedback effectively? Use AidaForm’s pre-made evaluation form templates! Analyze a product or service’s growth potential, collect feedback to elevate the organization of events, workshops, courses, rate employee performance to improve an individual professional plan and more. No matter what type of evaluation form you need, simply choose the proper evaluation template and change it to fit your unique needs - no coding required.

AidaForm has the complete set of fields and features required to create an effective evaluation form: the Matrix field can be used to create complex questions with set of criteria, the Rating field is a simple and visual way to allow your respondents evaluate any aspect you want on a scale, using the Multiple Choice field helps you to assess whether the education program is appropriate, effective and efficient or prioritize the release of new product features. And all these options you can use absolutely free! Get started with one of our online evaluation form templates today and optimize your evaluation process.

How to Use AidaForm’s Evaluation Form Templates

Ready to start building? Simply select the pre-made evaluation form example that fits your needs and click the green Use Template button. If you have not yet created an AidaForm account, you will be guided through a quick setup process before moving forward. Your AidaForm account will allow you to implement and track your form once created. Activate your account with an email address confirmation, and return to the AidaForm service log in. Once you are logged in, you can find your template waiting for you in your brand new account.
Once you pull up your added pre-built template, it’s time to customize the form to fit your unique needs. Simply update the structure of the evaluation form sample using the easy-to-use creator to customize the form to your exact specifications. You can quickly delete unnecessary fields, add new fields, and reword various phrases within the evaluation form as you need. Want to update the branding and colours? Use AidaForm’s Form Designer menu to choose a new color theme to match the look and feel that you desire. You can even change the default font and customize the icons within the form itself.
Happy with your final product? It’s time to go online with your new form. Once you’ve finished creating the new parts of your evaluation form template, you can publish your form with a simple click. Navigate to the Publish tab and switch the Form Status toggle to the ON position. You can share your evaluation form directly through your social media channels or send it in an email to your users. You even have the option to include a direct link to your form at the end of an online workshop or include it in your corporate intranet site for employee reviews.
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Why Use AidaForm to Create Your Own Evaluation Forms?

Flexible customization of evaluation form templates with no coding-required

The intuitive AidaForm Builder allows you to quickly collect feedback by conducting a full evaluation survey easily and without the need for coding. By offering users an easy-to-use and point-and-click design interface, you can create any form you need for a workshop, employee performance review, and more from a pre-made evaluation sample. Not only is each evaluation template mobile-friendly, but they can be quickly customized as your data collection needs change. Each template comes with the full suite of customizations, bringing the abilities of fields such as ratings, scales, sliders, checkboxes, radio buttons, file upload field and more. No matter what kind of data you need to collect, there is a way for you to customize the available evaluation forms (or create your own) for quick and easy retrieval and analysis.

Visual analytics of received evaluation data that you can actually use

Collecting data is only the first step in using data to your company or organization’s advantage. With AidaForm’s data analysis tools, you can capture and view the responses in real-time in your user account for easy access. AidaForm users can utilize the Real-Time Dashboard (found within the Publish section) to view response forms as they arrive. This feature is great for those wishing to utilize data as events are occurring, or to send to coworkers and teammates through workflow automation integration.

Ready to analyze your collected responses? It’s easy with the integrated Response Summary feature in your AidaForm account. Simply log into your user account to gain access to the statistics of all responses to your evaluation form in the included Response Summary dashboard. AidaForm’s data tools allow for a variety of views based on particular elements such as percentages on ratings and sliders. AidaForm’s unique ability to assign percentile scores to the assigned evaluation fields allows you further data analysis and for even greater control of the data you collect with deeper statistical functionality. If you or your team needs to get a little bit more creative with the collected data, you can quickly export to services such as Google Sheets for building charts, tables, and other data representation.

The ability to optimize the evaluation process with workflow automation integration

Not only can you quickly create and implement evaluations forms that collect relevant and timely data, but you can create forms that operate in conjunction with many leading workflow automation services for even quicker data-decision synergy. By allowing users to complete an evaluation online, they are able to give the best and most honest answers without the need for needless paperwork and time-wasting resources. You can connect your form directly to many of today’s most common workplace systems such as Slack to allow for automatic integration and sending of responses to team members and others online. Users can also take advantage of Zapier integration to connect AidaForm to services such as Trello and Freedcamp. These capabilities allow for you to spend more time on data analysis than data retrieval - meaning more time and money saved for your organization.

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Short Guidelines and Tips in Conducting an Evaluation Survey

Need a few tips to get you started creating the best evaluation survey? Consider the following points as you build and implement your form to ensure that you collect quality and consistent data quickly from users:

Before you start building your fom, you need goals. Start the process by setting clear and measurable objectives for formulating the evaluation criteria that you will collect through your form. This will be a huge help in both creating your form and analyzing your data.
Make sure you bring variety to your form, as this will keep users engaged while they complete the evaluation. Get creative! Utilize and mix different types of questions and response options to get the most relevant feedback.
Keep the evaluation mobile-friendly and engaging to ensure completion and honest answers. Remember that most users are going to engage with your content on a mobile device, so keep your text short and clear, and make sure that your content is user-friendly.
Consider including an incentive to encourage users to take the online evaluation survey. What if you offered a discount on a conference attendee’s next registration, or an office-wide giveaway for completion of employee reviews?
Be open-minded and have a clear plan for how to use the results once you have collected them. Return to your goals that you set at the beginning of the process, and use those metrics to analyze your data. Make sure you have a way to communicate results to respondents, as they will be interested in knowing what happened with their input.
Show gratitude! At the end of your evaluation survey, send users a response email thanking them for their completion of the form, and include your goals for using the data. You could add further information regarding your company as well as an incentive in this section as well to further thank them for their valuable time.
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