Esthetician Client Intake Form Template by AidaForm

We know what you’re thinking, “creating esthetician intake forms is about as fun as giving a bikini wax,” but with AidaForm, it’ll be a breeze!

No more pulling your hair out (or off) trying to figure out how to code a simple consent checkbox because everything is completely visual. Add any fields you need in a snap to clearly outline the risks, benefits and potential side effects of your skincare services.

Use our esthetician consent form template to create a professional-looking intake or consent form that protects both you and your clients. All the information you collect is stored securely in your AidaForm account, where you can access and manage responses at any time.

So, what are you waiting for? With AidaForm, creating esthetician consent forms is as easy as applying moisturizer – and way more fun!

What is an esthetician intake form?

An esthetician intake form is a legal document that customers sign before receiving any skincare services from an esthetician. This form provides information on the treatment that the client will receive, including the risks and potential side effects. It also typically collects clients’ data, which may be important for or affect the results of the treatment: beauty treatments the client has previously had, health supplements they’re taking, pre-existing conditions or chronic diseases that they may have.

An esthetician consent form typically collects the client’s personal information, such as name and contact details and provides all the necessary information about the skincare services that the client will receive. This includes the type of treatment, any products that will be used and any potential risks or side effects. The form may also include a waiver of responsibility, which acknowledges that the client understands the risks associated with the treatment and releases the esthetician from any liability in the event of an adverse outcome.

When you’re collecting waiver and informed consent confirmations, using a digital signature element will help you validate these forms as legally binding in some cases. AidaForm’s form builder has the e-signature element available on plans starting from Expert. Get your free trial coupon for this plan through the Support Team and elevate this esthetician intake form template using the full power of AidaForm.

Yes, in many cases, digital consent forms are legally binding. However, it depends on the specific legal requirements in your country or state. At the very least, they should have a unique electronic signature that is linked to the signer and the document in a way that any subsequent changes to the document can be detected.

In the United States, digital consent forms are usually considered legally binding as long as they have an electronic signature. This is also true for esthetician client consent forms. However, laws can be different depending on where you are, so it’s crucial to research your local laws and consult with a legal expert if you’re unsure.

AidaForm has everything you need to create a simple consent form for free using the esthetician client intake form template above. There are fields to collect customer contact data, as well as multiple choice and freeform question fields to find out about preferences, allergies and previous treatments. You’ll also be able to add text fields for waiver of responsibility and adverse effects warnings, include consent checkboxes and collect up to 100 responses a month.

However, to make the digital consent form legally binding, you may need an e-signature field. AidaForm offers that functionality in the paid Expert and Ultimate plans. In addition to collecting signatures, you’ll be able to customize your form’s “Thank You” page, automatically send a copy of the completed form to your respondents and more. See Pricing .

How do I download filled-out esthetician client intake forms in AidaForm?

All esthetician forms submitted through our system can be converted into PDF files containing text, images and all filled data, including e-signatures. You can download these forms as PDF documents and save them for your records or print them out if necessary. Simply go to the Results tab and find the Response Inbox. There, select the filled-out esthetician intake forms you need, then click the download icon in the upper-right corner to save the PDFs to your computer.

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