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What questions to include in employment application forms

Modern worldwide HR trends are moving towards making job application forms as short as possible. An employment form often serves for initial candidate screening and is aimed at getting quality applicants’ contact data. Information regarding educational history and qualifications is expected to be found in a candidate’s CV and not included in the employment application form.

Many HR specialists believe job application forms should only ask for a candidate’s name, email address, phone number and CV. Of course, it’s up to you to decide how long and detailed your employment form should be as you know best if your prospective applicants have uptodate CVs and cover letters.

Some useful tips may be to include in your form a question regarding salary expectations and ‘knockout’ questions to draw your applicant’s attention to some important job requirements. For example, if you are looking for a marketing manager to work in the German-speaking market, you can ask: This position requires that the applicant has German language skills not lower than the C2 level. Can you meet this requirement?

How to make sure your employment application template has a good conversion rate

To check if your employment application template converts viewers into applicants, the AidaForm service provides statistics on how many people viewed your form on PCs and mobile devices and how many of the viewers finally sent their completed form for your examination. The statistics help to understand if your form has a good conversion rate or should be worked upon.

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