Employee Self Evaluation Form

Enrich your formal performance review with some real opinions and considerations of employees on their work and achievements. Correctly structured employee self evaluation questions will let you receive people’s real self-reflections: how do they appraise their strong points and weaknesses, important achievements, and ways to develop professionally.

AidaForm provides you with a standard but impactful employee self evaluation template that you can easily tailor to meet your needs. Step forward to use our online fillable employee self assessment template for free. Scroll down for a brief explanation of how to launch the form and a list of the most useful questions.

How to Use the Employee Self Evaluation Template

The template is completely ready to be used. Click the Use This Template button and the whole employee self evaluation sample will be immediately moved to your AidaForm account where you can edit and publish it. Go through the standard registration procedure to open your account and gain access to the entire range of AidaForm tools. It’s free and takes no time.
Open the Builder and your employee self review template displays in the center of the page. Already like it? Just skip the next steps and Publish the form to start your employee self assessment campaign. It’s that simple! But we are sure you’ll love to play with AidaForm’s editor while turning this template into a unique and brand-named form.
Don’t hesitate to explore the Builder. Click here and there to find out how easily each element and field can be customized. Open up two main editing tools, Form Elements and Form Designer, on the sides. Drag and drop new elements to your form if you need more questions or headers. Remove unnecessary elements, type in descriptions, and add page breaks. Try out various types of questions (like multiple-choice, dropdowns, or even picture choice) and surveys. To make it fit your company’s style, choose background and icon elements, fonts, and sizes. Upload your logo at the top and align it. Use the Preview button to check how the form looks after all the customization.
Note that no one else can access the form unless it’s published. To share the form click Publish and change the form status. Send out the link to launch the review process. As soon as your applicants start submitting the form, you’ll receive responses directly to your email account and the Results section. Thus, AidaForm will serve you as a full employee self evaluation software to collect reviews, compare, and store them.

TOP-25 Useful Employee Self Evaluation Questions

Every person is an important chain in the sequence of a workflow. We chose the most valuable questions and surveys for AidaForm’s employee self review form to let you get the most out of the assessment process. Open-ended fields allow applicants to delve deeper into their professional features, areas to advance, and as a result, find strong motivation and paths down which to grow. While you as an employer will benefit from researching an employee’s potential and ways to use it more wisely: promote, raise, or exchange roles.

To Define a Performance Level

Let employees self-reflect and assess their performance and productiveness on their own. Add more questions about work habits and soft skills that you think are important for a fruitful working process. For this part, we offer scales and survey types of fields.

  • What was your general performance level during the last period?
  • What helped you stay productive?
  • What distracted you?
  • How do you assess cooperation within the team? Was it efficient?
  • Do you feel like you professionally developed within the last estimation period?

To Highlight Achievements

It’s crucial to define how your employees progress and grow. Here are questions to find out the achievements an employee is most proud of and how they facilitate the company’s objectives.

  • What was your most valuable achievement last year?
  • What did you focus on?
  • What new skills, duties, or tasks have you incorporated into your work thread?
  • How did you resolve tough challenges during the last period?
  • How did you grow as a specialist?

To Motivate Staff

Employee self evaluation forms may serve as a good motivational tool. Show your employees new career goals and opportunities to achieve them using these smart questions. Let people know that you support their initiative and are ready to give them resources for accomplishing their ambitions.

  • What are you going to focus on next year?
  • What are your professional goals?
  • What activities and studies are you going to choose to grow professionally?
  • What support and resources do you need?
  • How can the company contribute to your goals?

To Know How to Encourage

To increase employees’ passion and dedication to their work you should clearly understand what exactly stimulates them to work efficiently. Multiple-choice questions work well for this purpose.

  • What motivates you the most? (salary increase, promotion, new creative projects, opportunity to grow professionally, inspiring mission, etc.)
  • What aspects of your job do you like the most/ the least?
  • What would you prefer to do more/less of within the next year?
  • What do you want your next position at the company to be?
  • What makes your work engaging for you?

To Build Teams Effectively

An employee’s self evaluation as a team member may significantly help with the team-building process. With this questionnaire, you can find better ways to rearrange teams and examine an employee’s outlook as a team worker or as an individual worker.

  • How do you rate your team’s effectiveness?
  • How do you define your role in the team?
  • Are you more productive working in a team or individually?
  • Are you able to resolve conflict collaboratively?
  • Would you change anything in the team work process?