Employee Photo Release Form

Are you tired of manually creating photo release forms for employees? Do you need to obtain consent to use employee photos for company marketing materials or social media posts? If so, AidaForm’s editable employee photo release form template is the solution you’ve been looking for to create, distribute, obtain filled-in forms with e-signatures and download or safely store them in the cloud.

An employee photo release form is a legal document that allows a company to use an employee’s image for marketing or promotional purposes. Without a signed form, a company could face legal consequences for using an employee’s image without permission.

Employee photo consent forms are required in many situations, such as:

  • Company website and social media profiles
  • Marketing materials such as brochures and flyers
  • Industry publications and press releases
  • Employee training materials
  • Job postings and recruiting efforts

By having employees sign a consent form, companies can avoid potential legal issues and ensure employees know how their image is used. Using AidaForm’s template saves time and ensures all components are included in the form. However, it is crucial to ensure that the form meets all legal requirements before gathering signatures. Protect your company and employees by creating a legally binding consent form today.

It’s important to note that while AidaForm’s sample employee photo release form is a convenient solution, it may not be legally sufficient in all situations. The legal requirements for employee photo consent forms vary by jurisdiction and industry. It’s recommended that companies consult with legal counsel to ensure their consent form meets all necessary requirements.

How to share, track and download filled-in forms?

Once your template is finalized, make it public and share it with the staff via a link or by embedding an automatically generated piece of code on your corporate portal. You can access all filled-in documents from your respondents in the Results tab at the top of your account panel and download them as PDFs right away.

AidaForm’s editable template for an employee photo consent form is an excellent option for companies looking to optimize their process for obtaining consent to use employee photos.

The advantages of using AidaForm’s template

AidaForm’s template for a staff consent form for filming & photography allows users to quickly and easily create a professionally-looking online document. The sample employee photo release form includes all the necessary sections, such as:

  • Employee name and contact information
  • The purpose of using the employee’s image
  • Date and signature lines for the employee and company representative

To streamline the process of signing the form, you can use a convenient e-signature field on the Expert plan and beyond. You can request a free trial for this feature from the Support Team .

All AidaForm’s templates are fully editable in terms of their content and design, allowing for customization to fit the unique needs of your company, adding more fields and paragraphs, adding a company logo and adjusting the color palette, font and other visual elements.