Employee Personality Test Templates

Personality tests are an important tool both in recruitment and personnel development. The tests not only provide valuable information about an applicant’s personality traits, but also give an idea of whether an employee is ready for change, what their decision making power is and how well-developed their social skills are.

All the employee personality tests in this section are taken from open reliable resources and are scientifically and statistically validated. The online versions of the tests are created in the AidaForm service, which helps you digitalize the process of conducting assessments and managing collected data.

Using the employee tests for hiring is easy in AidaForm: start by adding tests to your AidaForm account (click the Use Template button), then set up email notifications and customize other settings if necessary and then upgrade your AidaForm account to Expert to start employee assessments right away.

Personality Tests in the Hiring Process and Employee Development

Hiring and employee development processes may be very time-consuming. Collecting and processing employee data online reduces paperwork and saves time for what is really important — test result analysis.

All assessment tests in AidaForm have unique automatically generated URLs and work great both on desktops and mobile devices. The collected data is stored securely in your AidaForm account and is available for download as PDF and CSV/Excel documents any time you need. Would you like the test data to be transferred to Trello or other task and people management portals? AidaForm makes it possible via easy-to-set-up Zapier integrations .

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Scientifically Proved HR and Leadership Development Screening Tests by Cassudy

Are you looking for scientifically proved screening solutions that your company can implement into HR and employee development processes?

Then you won’t want to miss the proprietary screening tests developed by Cassudy specialists! Cassudy is a suite of online tools for people diagnostics specifically designed for use in a professional business environment. These diagnostic instruments can be applied both to individuals and to groups of people (project or management teams) to determine the characteristics of these groups or individuals. Cassudy tests are developed and run on the AidaForm platform.

Read more about Cassudy and see examples of Cassudy tests.