Employee Information Form Template

A well-structured employee data form is key to have all the essential information about your employees at your disposal.

AidaForm provides you with a handy tool to design your own online employee personal information form. Let your employees provide personal data in the most convenient and fastest way using desktops, tablets, and smartphones. While you get the submitted forms automatically to your inbox! Collect basic personal details, contacts, important dates like birthdays and dates of hire, positions, emergency info, and even obtain personal signatures within the same online form. Thus, you can create a full staff information sheet reflecting all the workers in the company. Design your own employee info template by simply combining our generic form elements or just use the following AidaForm template as is or customize it. No HTML needed!

Set up Your Employee Data Form in Three Steps

Don’t waste your time on a blank form, use AidaForm’s ready-to-use New Employee Information Template instead. Add it to your AidaForm account instantly by clicking the Use This Template button. Still don’t have an AidaForm account? Just spend a minute going through the registration process and get access to the bunch of free templates and our handy form creation tool. Your employee information form will be there ready for editing when you log in.
Once you are in, go to Builder. Use the Form Elements left menu to drag-and-drop wanted fields, and the Form Designer right menu to customize color schemes, fonts, icons, and more. Don’t forget to upload your company’s logo to the upper part of your employee info template. You are able to change all the sample texts for titles, fields, options, and dropdowns however you wish. Modify and adjust your form until you are totally satisfied with the result. No limits here!
Preview the form. If it all looks good, go ahead and Publish your form to make it available online for applicants. Check the Set Up section to enable and set email notifications when someone completes your new employee forms.

How to Make Your Employee Information Sheet Effective

Remove Unnecessary Questions

Ask your staff for just the information that is needed to track and improve workflow processes. Do not include questions that might be perceived as discriminating or even illegal (for example, ethnicity, race, or disabilities). An employee information form should not take too much time and effort to fill in but still stay informative for you as an employer.

Use Standardized Options for Answers

Choose more Multiple Choice and Dropdown fields instead of those requiring text answers. It helps to classify and estimate all the employee data forms. Try our survey fields like Rating, Scale, and Sliders to let employees indicate their level of education and skills. Or find out their estimation of some relevant topics like labor conditions and business processes.

Request Personal Photos or Document Screenshots

The File Upload field allows your applicants to attach any kind of files needed for the employee registration. Request personal photos, IDs, driving licences, work permits, professional certificates, and any other documents you consider a source of employee contact information.

Take care of Privacy Protection and legal gathering of private information. Just add the AidaForm Terms and Conditions checkbox to let your applicants leave their permissions. Another basic but useful option is to get and save an employee’s personal signature. Use our special Signature field for digital signatures. All the forms are mobile-friendly, which means your employees can easily sign the form by using their smartphones.

Use the Employee Data Form During the Hiring Process

Have newbies amongst your staff? Gather personal details for a proper onboarding. When hiring, you need a whole pile of required forms (like Form W-4, Form I-9, or other forms according to your local laws). Make sure you collect all the necessary personal details within a new employee information form to avoid completing it twice. Usually, you have to provide your full name, marital status, address, and SSN. Based on this, choose which of the fields are strictly required using the AidaForm builder.

Catalogue Employee Information to Create a Convenient Database

Cut out messy paperwork and store all the staff information sheets in a digital format. Set up AidaForm to email all the responses directly to your HR department. Employee personal information can be easily downloaded as PDF files and classified by department, position, alphabetically, or in other relevant ways. Also, you are welcome to use AidaForm’s Response Inbox to access the files.