Employee Engagement Survey

You can be easily confused between employee satisfaction and employee engagement levels. But the difference is quite clear. You can satisfy your people with every possible facility and benefit but still won’t achieve their 100% business process involvement. That is why, along with the Employee Satisfaction Questionnaire , we have created this free online employee engagement survey.

Using AidaForm, you’ll get an adjustable template, relevant form questions, and a bunch of convenient tools to edit your survey, design it, share and embed it, collect and store responses, and monitor statistics. Even without having specific coding or design skills, you will feel like an absolute pro during the first minute of working with the AidaForm builder. At the finish line, you will have created your own branded online survey with a sophisticated layout, responses storage, and guess what? It’s all free!

The Smart Way to Use This Staff Engagement Survey Template

Without further ado, hit the Use This Template button! This click will either send you to the AidaForm builder, where you’ll find the template ready for editing. Or you’ll see the registration form first if you are a newbie here and have not got an AidaForm account yet. Spend a minute on registration, and you won’t ever regret it! With this step, you get a ton of form fields, engaging survey ratings and scales, an editing toolkit, and other AidaForm services.
The Builder tab is where you start editing. Having your template in the middle of the page, you can switch between two toolkits on the sides. First, explore the Form Elements tab: drag-and-drop various fields to your survey, change titles and type in good employee engagement questions, combine them into matrices and multiple-choice fields, choose icons and styles. Take your time and experiment with content until you get the perfect result. Then, move to the next step.
Now, let’s make your questionnaire look unique and reflect your brand style. Use the Media File form element to upload your logo. Click the Form Designer tab to see the whole range of effects you can apply to your survey. Color your icons, fonts, buttons, and background, add a ribbon, set sizes and styles. Create your own color scheme if the default ones are not enough for you. We don’t limit you when it comes to expressing your creativity! The Preview mode lets you see the survey as your applicants will.
The very last and essential step is to Publish your survey. See, nobody but you can access it unless you have published it. But once it’s live, you can freely share it with the links AidaForm provides to you. Now, when the work is done and the first responses start coming your way, you can briefly check other AidaForm tabs in your account. The Results tab shows you all the stats, response summaries, and the responses themselves. The Set Up tab is for setting your email notifications, Google Sheet integration, and some other useful features.

40+ Employee Engagement Survey Questions to Ask

In addition to this free sample employee engagement survey, we equip you with a full list of the best practices and example questions. Racking your brain trying to make up appropriate questions? Open up the AidaForm Builder at the next tab, copy and paste questions to your survey and create your own employee engagement survey instrument within minutes!

‘What’s Your Name?’ is a Wrong Way to Start"

Most people won’t be honest answering employee engagement questions if they have to reveal their identity. A short ‘asking for an email’ is good for the final section (but definitely make it optional). However, to start, choose some of these general questions:

  • How do you feel working for the company?
  • Do you feel happy working in your current position?
  • Do you feel valued at work?
  • Is your role vital for the company and the business?
  • Do you enjoy your daily work life?
  • If you don’t feel appreciated, then why?

Pride is a Big Part of Engagement

You are always more into it if you are proud of doing it. Use a so-called ‘barbecue test’ to find out what employees actually tell friends about their job at a barbecue or a homecoming party.

  • Do you feel proud when telling people about your job?
  • Would you recommend the company as a good place to work?
  • Are you proud of projects and tasks you do for the company?
  • Are you proud of your promotion and professional growth?
  • Are you looking for a job at another company?
  • Would you ask people about open positions at their workplaces?

Keep it Fun and Informal

Instead of the old-fashioned annual questionnaires, opt for the dense and more frequent employee engagement pulses. Thus, people won’t ever be bored or saddled with tons of questions. Dilute the survey with fun employee engagement questions, scales, amusing ratings, and emoticons:) It’s so ice-breaking!

  • Does your job match what you wished to become when you grew up?
  • What movie/Netflix series/TV show does your job remind you of? (Hopefully, not a horror one;)
  • What fictional character could you associate yourself with when working?
  • What fictional team/family is your dream team?
  • If you could read minds, whose mind of the team would you want to read and why?
  • If you could see into the future (10+ years from now), would you see yourself with the same company?
  • If you could travel back in time, would you still apply for this job?

Good Leadership Motivates

Leaders are a valuable source of feedback and insider information. Both aspects let people better understand their work, their role in the company, feel themselves a part of the company’s success, and stay strongly motivated by their impact on business processes. Are your leaders good at it? Let’s find out.

  • Do you get fair feedback regularly?
  • Do you experience support and understanding from senior management?
  • Do you like the type of professional relationship you have with your supervisor?
  • Do you trust your supervisor’s decisions and opinions?
  • Are you well informed about what’s happening in the company?
  • Does your leader’s vision of work motivate you?
  • Do you clearly understand your role/goals within the company?
  • Did you receive enough praise within the last week or two?

The Team’s Mindset Effects it Too

Strong relationships with colleagues and peers, shared values, and common goals let employees dive deeper into the workflow. The influence of people who surround you daily might just be incredible.

  • Do you enjoy working with your colleagues?
  • Do you find them professional and polite?
  • Do you feel comfortable sharing your ideas with colleagues?
  • Do you grow professionally working beside them?
  • How would you describe the team ambiance?
  • What do you appreciate the most in your colleagues?
  • What sides of teamwork don’t you really enjoy?
  • Are your colleagues supportive?
  • Do you trust your colleagues’ advice and opinions?

Leave Room for Words Flowing

Close-ended questions framed into Likert scales and matrices are convenient for you and your attendees. But this way you can miss some valuable opinions and suggestions. Add a few open ended employee engagement survey questions to let people answer in their own words.

  • What’s your biggest waste of time at work?
  • What’s your favorite part of the job?
  • If you don’t feel valuable, what’s the reason?
  • Why would you look for a new job outside the company?
  • How exactly can the company motivate you?
  • Can you describe your current job in three words?
  • How exactly does your work help the business, in your opinion?