Employee Benefits Survey Template

Some benefits might not be high enough in quality while others are just useless for most of your employees. What should you focus on in your remuneration policy to make people happier? Find out with this AidaForm employee benefits survey. We have equipped the benefits survey sample with specific questions, ratings, scales, and everything you need to explore your employees’ satisfaction thoroughly. Change any element of the design, use your own questions, or choose from our list of 60 employee benefits survey questions. Remove, rearrange, and mix them as you wish - without any HTML coding!

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Make This Template Yours in Three Steps

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No matter if you start with the Form Elements or the Form Designer toolkit, both work simultaneously. The Form Elements lets you add and edit form fields, choose funny survey scales and ratings, combine questions into matrices, and decorate your form with logos and media files. The Form Designer tab exists to make your survey look stylish and branded. Color schemes, fonts, button styles… The best tip here is to explore all the tools at your own pace until you find the best combination! Or use your brand kit settings if you have one. Experiment and click the Preview button an unlimited number of times.
Once you see a perfect staff benefits survey in front of you, it’s time to show it to your employees. Go to the Publish tab and tick the ‘Published’ box. Now, the survey is online and can be shared through the link or embedded in your intranet page. All the responses will be automatically collected within the Results in your AidaForm account as well as sent to your HR email address if you set one up. Also, check out 3rd Party Integrations in the Set Up tab. There, you can make responses to be saved automatically in your Google Sheets. Handy, isn’t it?

The 60 Best Employee Benefits Survey Questions

Classify Results

The benefits employee satisfaction survey is anonymous. Which doesn’t mean you cannot know an employee’s status. These questions help to segment your staff by age, gender, position, status in the company, etc. According to that, you will see which group values what benefits.

  • What age are you?
  • What is your gender?
  • What is your marital status?
  • What is your parental status?
  • What’s your current position in the company?
  • What is your department/division?
  • How many years have you been with us?
  • What’s your professional status in the company?
  • Are you a full- or a part-time worker?
  • What is your office location?
  • What shift do you work?

Assess Various Benefit Areas

Devote a separate unit to every benefit area or combine them within matrices and closed-answer scales (Poor/Fair/Neutral/Good/Excellent). The employer’s main goal here is to spend money on benefits that are most valued by their employees.

  • How do you rate your health insurance?
  • Rate the dental plan/vision plan/maternity plan.
  • What do you think of your health benefits? Would you like to expand these?
  • Assess the life insurance offered by the company.
  • Assess the retirement plan offered by the company.
  • Are you already enrolled in the retirement plan?
  • How do you rate the short/long term disability policy?
  • How do you rate child care services offered by the company?
  • Assess our stock option program.
  • Assess our tuition and learning compensations.
  • What do you think of our catered lunches and snacks?
  • Rate the gym/sports/activities reimbursements.

Know What People Really Use

Even if you have free gym access or a good vision health plan, some employees may have never used them. Monitor what remuneration benefits are rarely used and what you can implement instead.

  • Which of the offered benefits do you use the most?
  • Which of the benefits do you never use?
  • How many times a year do you use your medical care plan?
  • How many times did you use tuition benefits during the last year?
  • Do you usually eat our catered lunches or snacks?
  • Are you engaged in our stock options program?
  • Which of the benefits would you rather not have?
  • What benefit would you swap for a pay rise?

Make Timing a Benefit

Shifting working hours or short breaks can make a considerable difference in people’s attitude to work. It barely costs any money but may serve you as an essential benefit encouraging people to work for you.

  • Are you satisfied with your working hours?
  • What time do you prefer your lunch break? Would you prefer to shift it to a different time?
  • How happy are you with the timing of your short breaks?
  • How do you prefer your days-off allocation?
  • How would you assess our sick days policy?
  • What do you think of our unpaid time-off policy?
  • Rate our time-off and vacation policy.
  • Have you had an opportunity for parental leave?
  • Do you stay late at work?
  • Rate your work-life balance as ‘satisfied’ or ‘unsatisfied’.

Rate the Office Area

Another unobvious benefit is the company’s location and the work environment. Convenient parking, office perks, work tools and devices are just a few factors that contribute towards a healthy and productive climate in the company.

  • Do you like your office location?
  • What location would you prefer?
  • How long does it take for you to get to the office from home?
  • Do you use parking facilities? If so, rate the parking area.
  • Are you satisfied with the work environment?
  • How would you describe the office (comfortable, clean, noisy, etc.)?
  • How would you improve the office area?
  • What office perks would you add?

Make Benefits Acceptable

Some employees may not even know about the whole set of compensation and benefits available in the company. How aware are your staff of the opportunities they have? Let’s find out.

  • Are you aware of the company’s remuneration package?
  • Does the employer share detailed information about the benefits?
  • Did your manager inform you about all the benefits on the day of hire?
  • Can you check your compensation and benefits status in real time?
  • Can you select which benefits to use?

Compare With Other Companies

Keep your benefits package up-to-date and competitive on the labor market. Ask employee survey questions regarding benefits. Enquire if people find their benefits satisfactory compared to other workplaces.

  • Rate the current benefits package compared to your other workplaces.
  • Can you say that the company remuneration level is competitive on the market?
  • What do we miss compared to other companies?
  • If there were a ‘Best Workplace’ award, would the company get it?
  • Would you recommend the company as a decent place to work?