Online Donation Request Form

An online donation request form is a valuable tool that individuals, charity organizations, nonprofits, and businesses use to collect donation requests from people and organizations in need. These forms facilitate acts of kindness, allowing companies to give back through monetary contributions or by donating their products, such as restaurants offering food for events. Whether it’s a private or corporate donation, these forms streamline the process of extending a helping hand.

To simplify this crucial aspect of philanthropy, AidaForm offers a free donation request form template that you can find on this very page. AidaForm is a user-friendly platform for creating customizable online forms, publishing them, and collecting and storing data efficiently. Click on the Use This Template button to create an AidaForm account and start editing the template!

AidaForm’s Donation Request Template

AidaForm offers a comprehensive set of tools to create an effective online donation request form. Let’s delve deeper into these features:

Form design customization

AidaForm goes the extra mile by offering the ability to create a donation request template in both traditional and conversational designs . In the Conversational format, each question appears on a separate page, creating a smoother, more engaging user experience. Whether you prefer a classic layout or an interactive, one-question-per-page style, AidaForm has you covered.

Unlimited questions and forms

AidaForm provides the freedom to create an unlimited number of questions and forms within any account. This generous policy extends even to our Free subscription plan, making it accessible to nonprofit organizations, startups, and businesses of all sizes. There’s no need to worry about hitting a limit when you’re striving to make a difference!

DPA and GDPR compliance

Data privacy and security are paramount, especially when dealing with sensitive donation request forms. AidaForm takes security seriously. Our tools are designed with encryption in mind, ensuring that data remains protected during transmission and storage. What’s more, the platform includes special consent checkboxes for Terms and Conditions, enhancing transparency and aligning with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act (DPA). This compliance is essential for maintaining trust and adhering to legal requirements.


When you place an online donation request template on your website, you want to ensure that it’s free from spam and unwanted submissions. AidaForm’s Captcha feature acts as a gatekeeper, preventing automated bots from filling out your form. This guarantees that you only receive genuine and meaningful requests, saving your organization time and resources.

3rd party integrations

Data management is made even more efficient through AidaForm’s integrations. You can seamlessly sync responses to Google Sheets, allowing you to organize and analyze data with ease. Additionally, the platform supports direct integrations as well as connections through Zapier, broadening your options for integrating your target donation request form with other tools and systems.

Saving responses as PDFs

For organizations that require paper copies or PDF versions of online donation requests, AidaForm offers the option to save responses as PDF files. This feature simplifies record-keeping and makes it easy to share responses with stakeholders, helping your organization maintain transparency and accountability.

Submission confirmation emails

Building trust and fostering a strong donor-applicant relationship is crucial. AidaForm simplifies this process by allowing you to set up automatic submission confirmation emails. These emails serve as acknowledgment and assurance to applicants, letting them know that their donation requests have been successfully received. This not only offers peace of mind but also encourages ongoing engagement and support.

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For those seeking additional functionality, AidaForm offers several paid features that enhance the donation request form template. Here just some of them:

  • Logic jumps & conditional visibility: optimize form behavior with logic jumps and conditional visibility settings, ensuring a tailored experience for each applicant.

  • E-Signature: collect electronic signatures to streamline the approval process for donations.

  • Custom “Thank you” page: you can create a custom “Thank you” page to express your gratitude to applicants and provide further information if needed.

AidaForm values the efforts of nonprofit organizations and offers a 30% discount on any subscription, including first purchases and renewals. To receive this discount, simply contact AidaForm through our Support Page . This discount is a testament to our commitment to supporting charitable and philanthropic endeavors.