Donation Form Template

Do you need an online donation form? Then you’re in the right place! Just use this ready-made donation form template from AidaForm. It is easily customisable, optimized for mobile devices and includes PayPal payments. And the best part – no need for coding at all!

Step-by-step Guide to Using the AidaForm’s Donation Template

If you don’t have an AidaForm account yet, you’ll be redirected to the registration page after clicking the Use This Template button. Simply follow the instructions to create and activate your account. Once you log in to AidaForm, the donation form example from above will already be waiting for you in your account.
Open the form in an intuitive editor by clicking on its name in the My Forms list. Here, you can modify the form according to your needs: add or delete fields, change the texts of titles, options and questions, add your organization’s logo, and choose the desired color palette in the Form Designer menu.
Set up payments via PayPal. Select the field with the shopping basket icon and open its settings by clicking on the Settings icon. Specify the currency and the recipient’s PayPal account. If necessary, change the payment type to Fixed amount or Product selection.
Done editing? Go to the Publish tab. Publish the form by moving the toggle to the ON position. Now, you can share your donation form in a way that suits you best: use a direct link to the form page or embed it on your website .

Best Practices: How to Create Good Donation Forms for Nonprofits

Make it Short and Simple

Everybody values their time, and so do your potential sponsors. Make sure there are no unnecessary questions in your form - only ask for the information that is really required. Shorten the texts, be clear and precise about what you’re saying. Do it in a minimal and friendly way - this is the first step to trust and success!

Brand and Polish Your Donation Form

If you are an organization that is asking for donations, you should look professional. Start with our sample of charitable donation form and spend a little time on the details: add your logo and illustrations, customize the design. And don’t forget to check your spelling. Show that you are serious about what you are doing - it inspires confidence!

Optimise Your Form for Mobile Devices

A charity donation form should look nice and be easy to use on mobile devices - this is absolutely essential because nowadays people are always on the go. The good news is that AidaForm has already done everything for you – all our forms and fields are optimized for comfortable use on mobile screens.

Place Your Form Where it’s Easy to Find

And again this is all about the time your donors will save. We recommend placing the form or at least a button with a direct link to your form on your home page. By the way, with AidaForm, you don’t need to know HTML to embed the form on your site - just copy the code from the service and add it to the right place.

Use Trustworthy Payment Processing

It is important to show your donors that you take online security seriously. After all, no one wants to risk having their data stolen or bank account emptied. AidaForm lets you use PayPal, one of the most secure and known payment processors. Please note: in your free AidaForm account, you can view the PayPal field, but to start collecting payments you will need to upgrade to Expert.

Test Your Form Before Launching

The idea is simple: check every detail, make a test payment, and – most importantly – show the form to your colleagues. They may give you valuable feedback on whether the form is clear and simple. Make sure the donation process works smoothly before actual donors use the form. Good luck!