Decision Making Test to Assess Decision Making Skills

The scientifically proven self-assessment decision making test* measures a person’s decision making capacity by screening the following character traits: search for predictability, orderliness, determination, the inclination to avoid uncertainty and narrow-mindedness. Analysis of the combinations of the traits lets personnel specialists better identify if candidates can make decisions under pressure and are likely to be problem-solvers rather than problem-creators.

The decision making assessment questionnaire contains 15 questions and scores the respondents on the scale from one to five separately for every evaluated trait. You can take the test free of charge to review all the questions and see the result page. The test provides no conclusion or recommendations, as it may only serve as an addition to the interviews and other activities that HR specialists conduct to fully evaluate somebody’s decision making capacity.

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* The source of the test: the article ‘Item selection and validation of a brief, 15-item version of the Need for Closure Scale’ by Arne Roets and Alain Van Hiel, the Department of Developmental, Personality, and Social Psychology, Ghent University, Belgium

Received 23 March 2010, Revised 18 August 2010, Accepted 2 September 2010, Available online 28 September 2010.

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