CV Application Form Template

Recruitment is a complex process on both ends. From the applicant’s perspective, it requires creating a comprehensive CV (short for curriculum vitae) or a resume — a document that outlines an individual’s education, work experience, skills, and achievements, and then uploading the CV to the website or submitting it via email in response to a job posting. For employers, on the other hand, the hiring process involves creating a job description, a CV application form and then collecting and processing the CVs.

At AidaForm, we understand that every business’s recruitment needs are unique. That’s why we’ve created an online CV application form builder that allows recruiters to create custom application forms specific to their business requirements. With our drag-and-drop form creator, employers can create forms that collect all the necessary information from job applicants, making CV submission more efficient and streamlined. Customize this CV application form example to make it work for you!

Why choose the online CV application form by AidaForm

Built-in questionnaires

AidaForm’s CV application form builder offers a unique feature that allows recruiters to receive CV files and answers to standardized questions to easily compare candidates. With unlimited forms and fields on any plan, recruiters can create forms tailored to their specific business requirements.

Media Answers

AidaForm Builder also allows recruiters to receive Media Answers, such as video/audio or text, with an answer to the question “Why are you the best candidate?”. This feature gives recruiters a deeper insight into the candidate’s personality and communication skills. The Media Answer field can be configured by setting the type and size of allowed files.

Zapier integration

AidaForm offers integration with Zapier, allowing for the automatic transfer of data and files to other services. This feature saves recruiters time and effort by eliminating the need for manual data transfer and other additional actions.

Versatile design

The CV application form template is already mobile-optimized without additional actions and settings, which ensures that job applicants can quickly complete the form on any device, making the recruitment process more accessible and inclusive. You can easily adjust the look and feel of the CV form to match your brand style and add your company logo to maintain consistency across your communications.

More ways to publish

When the job application form is ready, you can publish it as a standalone page, share it as a link on a custom domain, or embed it into your website or blog using an auto-generated code. This flexibility allows you to attract the maximum number of applicants and choose the best.

Scalable solution

Depending on your needs and the scale of HR operations, AidaForms offers multiple plans to cover everyone’s needs, from solo entrepreneurs to large enterprises. You can receive up to 100 monthly responses using the Free account to as many as 10,000 with the Ultimate plan.

AidaForm’s CV application form maker provides recruiters with a customizable and efficient solution for collecting candidate information. With features like standardized questionnaires and media answers, recruiters can streamline the recruitment process and gain deeper insight into each candidate.

Try the template for free with a two-week trial and see how easy it is for your ideal candidate to upload their CV using the convenient UI of your job application form. Simply drag the files to the designated area of the form and they will be sent. Voila!