Customer Service Survey Template

The service industry is all about clients’ and customers’ satisfaction. People may leave you because they didn’t get enough attention from customer support or feel uncomfortable with your delivery system, or… Find out the weakest part of your customer service to improve and stay in business!

We have collected a whole list of popular questions and some of them are already beautifully integrated into the AidaForm’s customer service survey. Plus, you get our design editor, statistics, charts, notifications, and response storage, along with the template. We haven’t missed anything that will make your customer service evaluation perfect!

This AidaForm template is boosted with Expert features . Incorporate logic jumps, enjoy the extended range of form fields, edit your ‘thank you’ page, and more. Contact us to get a two-week trial if you don’t have an Expert account yet.

How to Use This Sample Customer Service Survey


To edit the design and content of the template, you need to add it to the Builder section of your AidaForm account first. Click the Use This Template button, and the template will be moved to your account instantly.

*Do you see a registration form after the click? That indicates you don’t have an AidaForm account yet and need to register for access.

The Builder contains two main parts: the Form Elements and the Form Designer menu. To edit questions and fields, click the Form Elements menu and drag-and-drop the fields you find useful. To adjust the design and colors, turn to the Form Designer. A logo can be uploaded with the Media File field.
The form is live once it’s published. Move to the Publish tab in the upper part of the page and set a form’s status as published. This step makes all the links active. Share them or embed your customer service satisfaction survey directly on a webpage.
Monitor submitted responses through the Results tab. We have packed it with all kinds of statistics to make your feedback data efficient. Don’t forget to Set Up email notifications. That’s a key to catching every response as it arrives!

Top Customer Service Survey Questions

Closed-Ended Questions

To not take too much of your clients’ time, offer a range of answers. Design them with ratings, Likert scales, matrices, or the Multiple Choice field. They look cool and never boring, especially with AidaForm’s Conversational UI .

  • Which of our services have you tried?
  • Rate your overall experience with us
  • How easy was it to place an order? (Really Hard/Not So Easy/Average/Quite Easy/Super Easy)
  • Is it easy to navigate our website?
  • How helpful is our chatbot?
  • In what way do you usually make an order?
  • Rate our staff on the 5-star scale
  • Rate our delivery service on the 5-star scale

Open-Ended Question

Sometimes people have more on their minds, so let them speak out. Don’t overuse this type of question — a few will be enough. You can place them right after rating-type questions to elaborate on why a customer gives you a particular rating.

  • What service areas should we improve on?
  • What did we miss?
  • What do you like the most about our service?
  • What is the worst part of your experience with us?
  • What are your overall thoughts about our service?
  • Do you have any suggestions for us?

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