Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

If you want your business to grow, it’s crucial to make sure your customers are happy. Understanding your clients and meeting their expectations will help you to offer better products and services every day. With this customer satisfaction survey template, you can measure customer satisfaction with your company, products, software, or services.

Start with a free customer satisfaction survey form template instead of creating it from scratch and save yourself some time. Simply click the Use This Template button, add your questions and images to make this template your own, and send it to your customers in minutes – it’s a simple and reliable way to measure their satisfaction.

How to Customize This Customer Satisfaction Survey Example

In our customer survey example, we focus on product quality questions. This sample has extent apply to any business: hotels, construction, IT, or healthcare companies. However, you’ll want to customize the questions to fit your industry, business specifics and goals. Here’s what you can do to change our customer satisfaction survey form template:

After clicking the Use This Template button, you will be taken to the AidaForm login page. If you already have an AidaForm account, simply log in and the customer satisfaction survey template will immediately open in your work area. If you don’t have an AidaForm account yet, go through the quick registration process. When you confirm your email address and log in to AidaForm for the first time, the template will be immediately available for you to edit.

Adjust the structure of the customer satisfaction form template: delete unnecessary fields, rephrase sample questions, drag and drop new fields to the template, and type in your own questions. Explore exactly those aspects of customer relations that you think are crucial for your business. To help you compose new questions, we’ve put together a guide about Satisfaction Survey Questions . Read it to learn what to ask when you want to build great relationships with your clients.

Set up logic jumps between questions to make your customer satisfaction questionnaire template responsive to people’s answers. Thanks to logic jumps, your customers don’t have to skip irrelevant questions – they simply won’t see them. This way, you’ll receive more relevant data and save your respondents some time.

Edit the customer satisfaction template design: choose an appropriate color theme and fonts, customize the icons.

Make sure your form has a thank you page ! People who completed your form didn’t just buy your products or services, they also took the time to leave feedback. It’s only natural to thank them! Your customers will appreciate it!

When you’ve finished editing the customer survey template, make your form available online. Go to the Publish section and move the Form Status toggle to the ON position. That’s it, your form is ready! Now you can add a link to your survey in your follow-up emails or social media, or embed the online form on your website .

4 Tips for Your Customer Survey Template

Decide what information you want to collect

Focus on what you want to find out before writing questions. You may want to know what your clients think about your business in general. Or you may want to measure the impact your staff has on the overall customer experience. How useful is your new online store? How did that new feature influence the overall satisfaction with your product or service? In all these cases your customer satisfaction feedback template should have specific questions on the satisfaction aspects you’re measuring.

Use clear and simple language

The language you use must be clear, concise, and simple. Avoid complex technical terms and jargon. Your questions should be easily understood by anyone in your target audience. Do not mix several questions into one (e.g. “Was the website informative and easy to use?”). One question – one answer. Do not ask questions based on assumptions. If you start using the ‘what if’ questions, you will have to analyze situations that haven’t really happened. Instead, ask questions about situations that have occurred – it will improve the quality of the information you receive.

Adapt the customer satisfaction template to your target audience

The next important step after defining your goal is to determine who receives your satisfaction questionnaire. For example, if you want to measure the impact of a new feature added to your SaaS product, sending your survey to people who have not actively used your product in the past 3 months will be a waste of time. So, before you start a survey, define who the target customers are: onboarding customers, those who are still trying out the product, or loyal long-time customers.

Make the customer survey form template short, but informative

It’s a common mistake to believe that asking more questions will yield more complete results. In fact, asking too many questions makes your survey less likely to be completed at all. Ask only the questions that are directly related to the goal of your survey. Want to know why the client decided to buy your product? Ask related questions: have they read reviews, what competitors have they been considering, etc. Want to know what your customer thinks about the services you provided? Don’t ask them about the quality of the product.

If you have several goals, just create a separate customer satisfaction questionnaire template for each case and distribute them separately through different communication channels.

To make your customer satisfaction survey templates efficient, avoid mistakes, and understand the specifics, read our article about the Customer Feedback Survey .