Customer Experience Survey

You have one or two minutes of a customer’s attention after the purchase. These are the moments when people are still interested in giving you feedback. Needless to say, you should use this time wisely! And nothing provides you the same effectiveness as a well-made online survey.

Elegant and entertaining as it is, our customer experience survey template can be turned into a real reflection of your brand through quick customization. CX survey questions that work, with scales, ratings, Conversational UI , and remarkable Expert features like Logic Jumps and customized Thank You page are all there, just check!

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Steps to Change the Design and Start the Survey

To make the desired changes, add this template to your AidaForm account by clicking the Use This Template button. The template will be added automatically if you already have an account. If not, fill in the registration form that appears, and the system will move your template to the newly created profile.
Hit the Builder tab to start editing. To add more fields and questions, click the Form Elements menu. Choose survey tools like ratings, scales, and sliders; they are perfect for measuring customer experience. To adjust design elements, use the Form Designer menu. You will understand the idea of AidaForm’s design settings immediately! Set a color scheme, buttons style, font, and size. Easy steps to give you a polished result.
Once your questionnaire is ready for the world, go to the Publish tab. There, make sure the form status toggle is set to the “Published” position. From that moment, you can freely share the link or embed the form onto your website.
After publishing, check out some of the other AidaForm’s customer experience survey tools. First of all, the Results tab contains a wide range of statistics, helping you estimate the survey results, but not giving the responses themselves, carefully storing those in the Response Inbox. Also, explore the Set Up tab to find more form settings, SEO tools, email notifications, and other apps integrations. All these features turn AidaForm into potent customer experience software.

Customer Experience Survey Questions

Customer experience is based on three pillars: expression of the product itself, of your customer service, and the company as a brand to trust. We added a fourth pillar, pre-sale experience, to the template to help you better understand what leads your customers to make a positive decision regarding your product and brand and what discourages them. Here, we share some question examples to ask for each unit.

About Pre-Sale

  • Did you get enough information about the product?
  • What helped you make a decision?
  • Would samples of the product help you make a decision faster?
  • Did you compare the product with the competitor’s options while choosing?

About Product

  • What was your latest purchase from us?
  • Assess the overall product quality.
  • Do you find the product helpful/useful?
  • Does it solve your pain?
  • Would you buy the same product again?

About Customer Service

  • Was it easy to reach our customer service?
  • Was it easy to make an order/pay?
  • Are our return and warranty policies clear and legible?

About Company

  • Do you find our brand trustworthy?
  • Would you recommend us to friends?
  • Who is our biggest competitor?