Customer Complaint Form

The biggest fear of most managers is negative feedback. However, allowing constructive criticism is a proven to build a strong and transparent team and client base. If you are looking for a way to allow customers or employees voice their grievances, consider building a user-friendly customer complaint form. AidaForm offers a fully-customizable complaint template that allows you to receive and resolve complaints easily. You can utilize this online complaint form to discover customer sentiment toward your products and services, as well as learn more about how your company can grow in customer satisfaction.

AidaForm’s customer complaint forms include fields to collect details of a complaint and the critic’s desired outcome. You can add a Date field to identify when complaints were filed, which will help you better prioritize how to address complaints. Use AidaForm’s pre-built complaint form template to manage your complaints and provide better customer service!

3 Easy Steps to Modify the Complaint Template to Suit Your Unique Needs

Ready to build a great customer complaint form? To get started, click the Use This Template button on the page, and you will be directed to log in to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an account yet, you’ll be forwarded to the registration page for quick and easy account creation. AidaForm’s account creator will guide you through the registration steps. You can then log in to your account - your selected complaint form template will be waiting for you there!

Once you’ve pulled up your customer complaint form in the Builder, its time to start customizing your form. On the left side of the screen, the Form Elements panel allows you to add new desired fields for data collection. The builder workspace allows you to move or remove fields, rename them and change their descriptions, call up additional settings for each field, and more. You can even add the Media File field with the Image setting to add your logo and branding in the complaint form for brand consistency. Also add the File Upload field, if necessary, so that your clients can attach to the complaint supporting documents - including photos of damaged goods, correspondence with the support, and more.

If you want to change the look of your form, use the Form Designer panel to the right to update the appearance customer complaint form. Here you can change colors and fonts, turn off fields’ icons, set the field settings, customize how the optional fields will be displayed, set up the form scale, and much more. Your pre-built complaint template is a general complaint example, but it can be fully customized to your needs.

Open the Set Up tab to integrate your form with other popular online services, set up recipients to be notified of complaints, or enable Notification Reply-To to respond to customers’ specified email.

Once your form looks perfect, you can activate it by clicking the Publish toggle in the Publish section of the builder UI. AidaForm can provide a direct link to allow you to quickly send the form through email or social media. You can even copy the HTML code to embed the form directly into your website - no coding needed!

Why Use a Customer Complaint Form for Your Business?

It may seem counterintuitive to create a form that allows for complaints to be made against your business. After all, who wants to welcome criticism? However, the only way to enact true and lasting change at your enterprise that benefits everyone involved is by taking advantage of complaints. As hard as it may sound, taking the time to read through customer complaints will give you an insight into how your company, brand, and team member are perceived by your clients and customers.

One-off complaints here and there are to be expected- that’s part of the life of a business owner. But if you are receiving consistent complaints about the same issues, it may be time to reevaluate your practices to better serve your clients. However, many customers don’t submit helpful complaints because there is no outlet or easy process to submit their opinions. The best way to make the complaint form easy to access and submit is through an online complaint form. By building a form and directing complaints to those who can reconcile the issues, you can begin to build better practices toward customer satisfaction. Here are some other advantages of having a customer complaint form available on your company website:

  • Improve Communication with Customers: Your customers expect to have the ability to easily communicate with your company in mobile and digital methods. Building an online website complaint form that is easy to access and complete will increase customer satisfaction and communication ability.
  • Resolve Issues Quickly & Effectively: When customer complaints are submitted, those who are in charge of handling critiques and updating processes can access complaints quicker - and act on them efficiently. This also allows for faster response times to customers to thank them for their candid opinions.
  • Improve Overall Performance: You cannot grow unless you learn where you are weak. By creating an avenue for honest feedback from customers, you can begin to see what parts of your organizational operations are struggling to meet expectations and respond in kind. This will not only help you build a better business but increase productivity by not wasting time on non-essential issues.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Loyalty is everything when it comes to owning and running a business. Whether you are a mom-and-pop shop on Main Street or a corporation trading on Wall Street, when business owners take the time to review customer complaints and work hard to ensure they are addressed, customers will feel appreciated and heard. Eventually, this kind of honest business practice will increase the organic word-of-mouth promotion for the business - one of the most valuable forms of free promotion available!