Create Your Custom Mortgage Calculator Using AidaForm Sample Mortgage Calculators

Are you looking for a basic mortgage calculator widget that you can add to your website free of charge? Here it is: click Copy Embed Code and then embed the saved code to your website. It’s that easy!

Would you like to create a custom mortgage calculator? You may want to have more calculations, for example, insurance and taxes, or add lead generation fields such as email and phone number. AidaForm lets you create a fully custom calculator form to meet your business requirements!

Add the mortgage calculator template to your AidaForm account, adapt it to your needs and start using it right away. Your collected leads will be sent to the specified email and stored safely in the Results section of your account.

Check out the sample mortgage calculator with an appointment form and other templates available to add to your account and then edit:
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Frequently Asked Questions about the AidaForm Mortgage Calculator Tool

Can I use the mortgage calculator widget for the website free of charge?

AidaForm lets you use basic ready-made calculators free of charge. You don’t need to register an account with AidaForm: simply click Copy Embed Code and add the code to your webpage. Free calculators cannot collect leads and you will not be able to modify them either.

To create a custom calculator with an appointment booking form or to send calculation results to your prospective customers, you will need to have an Expert account with AidaForm. Contact us to get a free 2-week trial of the powerful Expert functionality.

Does AidaForm create a Wordpress mortgage calculator?

You can add AidaForm forms and calculators to a website created with any platform, including Wordpress. Read more about how to embed our forms to or websites.

How can I get the mortgage calculator HTML code in my AidaForm account?

AidaForm automatically generates the HTML code for every form and calculator. You can find it in the Builder -> Publish section of your account. Just copy the mortgage calculator code and use it on any page of your website.