Very Simple Online Shop Template

Add the template to your Expert account and create your online shop in a matter of minutes. Easily customize the names, prices, and currency of your products. Simply add your product photos and service description, connect your Stripe and/or PayPal account and your own simple online shopping website is ready to collect orders and payments! It’s safe, secure, and works on any device.

The template utilizes logic jumps allowing you to use two different form pages to collect purchasers’ information depending on their choice of delivery method. Customize your ‘Thank you’ page to provide your buyers with additional information or enable them to learn more about your other products.

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How to Use the Template to Create an Online Shop


Add the online shop template to your AidaForm account.

Click the Use Template button and register or login to your AidaForm account. The online shop template will be added to your account and ready for editing if your account has an Expert license.

If your account is on the free tariff plan, the template will also be added to your account and you will be able to review its structure and settings, but paid features such as logic jumps, the custom ‘Thank you’ page, and Stripe and PayPal payments will be disabled and not displayed on the published form.


Customize the products in the Order Cart fields.

Edit the names, prices, and currency of your products. Add products to existing Order Carts and add more Order Cart fields to offer even more types of products. Connect your added Order Carts to the Checkout field.

Would you like to add more text or video information describing your products? You can easily do this by adding new Text or Media fields to your form.


Connect your Stripe and/or PayPal accounts to collect payments.

In the Settings area of the Checkout field choose which payment methods you would like to offer to your customers: Stripe to pay with credit/debit cards, PayPal, or both.

It will only take you several minutes to connect your Stripe and PayPal accounts to AidaForm and your form will turn into a simple online shop.


Customize the design of your form.

Click the Designer button to set up custom fonts and color design or simply choose one from the list of AidaForm ready-to-use color themes.


Publish your form. Copy and distribute the link to your simple online shop.

Place the link to your created online shop on your website and social media - Instagram, Facebook, etc. Set up a custom domain to make your online shop look like a part of your shopping website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that I have received an order?

Every time a new order arrives, AidaForm sends you an email notification. You can also look through and manage your orders in the Response Inbox of your AidaForm account.

Want more opportunities? Set up Google Sheets integration to collect all orders in a specified Google Sheet or create a Zapier integration with online services you use to manage your customers.

Does AidaForm charge additional fees on Stripe or PayPal transactions?

No, AidaForm does not apply any fees to the transaction.

Do I need any programming or HTML knowledge to use AidaForm?

No, AidaForm is especially designed for use by people without any technical background knowledge and skills. A drag-and-drop intuitive interface and detailed help instructions make using AidaForm creating fun!