Course Evaluation Form Template

Can you be sure you provide your students with the information they need and are interested in? Student feedback might become a path to quality changes in your curriculum, content, and ways of teaching. However, it’s never easy to convince students to evaluate thoroughly, right? Short questions, getting the very essence is what gets you the feedback you actually can use to improve your educational product.

We collected a whole list of such questions and arranged them in this ready-to-use AidaForm course evaluation sample. Scroll down for a little guide on how to launch your course evaluation survey, as well as for our precious questions selection.

Guide to Using This Course Evaluation Template


To set and launch the questionnaire, you need to add it to your AidaForm account first. The Use This Template button will make it for you. Just click!

Don’t have an account? That’s easy to fix! Click the same Use This Template button, fill out the registration form and get your free account in a moment. Watch, your template is already there ;)

Unlike some other course evaluation examples, this one can be easily customized. In the Builder tab of your account, you will find the Form Elements catalogue. All kinds of form fields are there, but we recommend you to note the Survey tools: ratings, scales, matrices and sliders. They shorten questions and make the formal evaluation sheet more enticing. Drag-and-drop elements to the form and fill them up with questions.
There is more. Click the Form Designer menu to upgrade the look of the form, so it matches your college, university, or school brand style. No special design skills are needed to use this software. Starting with a color scheme, you gradually go down through the icons and button settings, marks, fonts and form scale. Upload your logo as a final step and Preview to see your work.

In the Publish tab, tick the Published box. Here, you get a link to share the form with your students. You can also embed it into your website with a few lines of HTML-code we supply you.

Your responses are gathered in the Results tab, so check it from time to time. It is highly recommended that you explore the Set Up tab, too :) It will reveal more possibilities for your form. Enjoy!

Set of Course Evaluation Questions

Introducing Questions

A survey for course evaluation should obviously start with the type of course/class. But what else can affect the result?

  • What is your course ID?
  • What course are you currently evaluating?
  • Who is your instructor/teacher in the course?
  • What is your learning plan? (in-class, remotely, part-time, etc.)
  • Have you taken other courses from us before?

Before the Course

To get a more accurate result, find out what your students’ knowledge level was before the course. Here are some course evaluation feedback questions covering this purpose:

  • Have you ever been trained in this subject before?
  • What was your level of knowledge before the course?
  • Were you a beginner or a pro with the subject?
  • Do you feel the level of information in this course fit your level?

During the Course

Here, along with the general questions, we have added some specific online course evaluation questions for those of you who train students remotely.

  • Was the schedule appropriate for you?
  • How would you evaluate the intensity of the study?
  • Were the textbooks relevant and useful?
  • Is the online platform we use convenient and clear for you?
  • Has the instructor’s feedback been given consistently?
  • Would you prefer this course offline instead of online?

About a Teacher

A teacher is a course’s soul, the main element that may turn an average course into a gem. Would you miss the opportunity to rate your teachers’ skills? Don’t think so :)

  • Rate the instructor’s level of knowledge on the scale from Very Poor to Excellent.
  • Did the teacher communicate well with students?
  • Did he/she answer the questions thoroughly?
  • Did you get useful feedback from your teacher/instructor?
  • Would you change the teacher for this course?

After the Course. Overall Rating

Questions that exist to be asked in the form of 5-star ratings scales and Likert scales . Use AidaForm’s survey elements to organize them into interactive sliders.

  • Did the course content meet your needs?
  • How useful was this for you?
  • Rate the course level (too easy, average, just right, too hard, etc.)
  • Did the course meet your expectations?
  • Would you recommend the course to your friends?
  • What should we improve for the course?