Cookie Order Form Template

Want to reach more cookie lovers out there with your delicious treats? Go online instead of taking orders by phone and avoid paper clutter at your cookie shop. With AidaForm cookie order form, you’ll be able to sell your cookies of all flavors – the Christmas gingerbread ones, oatmeal, soft-baked, deep-fried, and more. This designer cookie order form already includes the AidaForm Expert functions and advanced form settings that instantly get more orders. Plus, you won’t have to create a form from scratch – you just need to add your products to the form and publish it on your website, Facebook page, or Instagram profile!

With the AidaForm Expert functionality, you get a high-converting online form and an effective cookie ordering process:

  • Your clients can choose the number of cookies, the delivery method, and pay for everything when they place the order;
  • Depending on the delivery method, people will see dedicated form pages where they need to fill in only the relevant contact data. This way, you’ll increase both the customer satisfaction and form completion rate;
  • Balance supply with demand in your bakery: let your customers suggest new cookie flavors – and they will be happy to order more! Customize the thank you page and collect customer feedback.

Don’t have an Expert account yet? Contact us to get a 2-week trial to fully evaluate all advantages of the online cake order form sample before you commit.

Now that you have your cookie order form template, the next step is to customize it to suit your needs. Here are some tips on how you can modify the template for yourself in the AidaForm Builder.


Decorate the Cookie Order Form

Just like you make cookies beautiful, do the same with your cookie order form. Depending on your preferences, you can always rearrange form blocks. For example, you can place the contact information on the top, then list the cookie descriptions and follow them up with prices and order quantities. In AidaForm, you can always move all the elements of the form, remove unwanted elements, and add the ones you need. The color scheme of the custom cookie order form is just as important as its structure. A decorated cookie order form should match the branding of your bakery so that clients can visually identify that the form is yours.


Describe your Products and Use Photos to Engage Customers

Make sure to properly feature your cookie selection when you customize the cookie order form template. When it comes to food, great pictures say much more than words: add professional photos of your products and use text for additional details like the ingredients or cooking methods. This way, your customers will know exactly what they’re ordering.


Specify the Cookie Prices and Make Quantity Discounts

Making the ordering process clear and friendly is a must, so don’t forget to specify the prices of the cookies in the cookie order form. If you sell cookies by box or jar, show how much one unit costs and how many cookies are inside. For bulk orders, you can either specify a promotional price in the form or allow your customers to get a discount on a large order by contacting your bakery directly.


Highlight the Section for the Customer’s Contact Details

Any order form needs a section where the customer fills in his name, address, contact number, and email address to process the order correctly. You can also add the Order Dates field here to arrange an optimal time slot for the order to be delivered. This will help you plan out the logistics and expedite the delivery.


Provide Information for Payment

If you offer online payment, briefly and clearly describe what are the steps to pay for the order. It will increase the customers’ confidence in you and make them more likely to complete the payment and place the order. However, if you have chosen to publish a cookie order form without payment in advance, don’t forget to confirm the order by phone or email, and pay special attention to your cancellation policies so you don’t waste money and effort. Finally, provide your contact details to answer any questions customers may have about the ordered cookies.