Create a Contact Form with Thank You Page in AidaForm. Easily Set After-Submit Redirects and Custom Success Messages

A ‘Thank you’ page is a screen that your customers see after they’ve contacted you using an online form. Not only can the page confirm that the form response was sent successfully, but it can also provide additional useful information, such as when the customers can expect an answer or which blog articles they might find interesting. All this makes a custom ‘Thank you’ page an important marketing tool!

In the AidaForm Expert plan, you can create a contact form with a custom ‘Thank you’ page without any programming skills! You can set an after-submit redirect to a URL on your website, or to any desired URL, for example, another form that you create with the AidaForm service. Read more about how ‘After Submit’ redirects can be set in AidaForm.

The contact form with a ‘Thank You’ page example below makes an after-submit redirect to the part of the form that is not visible for the clients before they click the ‘Send’ button. Add this template to your AidaForm Expert account and start using it right away. All forms created in AidaForm are optimized for use on desktop and mobile devices and offer ready-made embed code that you can use to place the form on your WordPress, Wix or any other website.

If you don’t have an AidaForm account jet, you can register a free account and open the contact form with a custom ‘Thank You’ message in the Builder section. Review the settings and see if this form is the right choice for you!

How to Set ‘After Submit’ Redirects for Contact Forms in AidaForm

AidaForm has multiple possibilities for setting redirects after the form submission. By default, all forms redirect to the default ‘Thank you’ page. To set your custom after-submit redirect, you can go to the Builder -> Set Up -> General section of your AidaForm account and choose one of the options:

The Go to Page option lets you set any page of your multi-page form as a custom ‘Thank you‘ page.
The Redirect to URL option allows for setting any URL as a custom ‘Thank you‘ page. You can even set a redirect to another form created in AidaForm.
The Conditional Logic option lets you set different redirects depending on the answers that your respondents gave in the fields of your form.
Does this sound like what you need? Then click the Use This Template button to make the most of your contact form. Or look through ready-to-use Thank you page templates to get inspiration and new marketing ideas.

Three Ideas for the Contact Us Form Success Message Page

Thank your customers for filling out the form

A typical success message sounds like: “Thank you for getting in touch! One of our team members will get back to you shortly.” See the simple ‘Thank you’ page template .

Provide additional information and resources

Don’t let your customers go — place information about products or services that your customers may be interested in after the confirmation message. To redirect your customers to a specific website page, AidaForm has the specially developed eye-catching Cards element. See the ‘Thank You’ page with redirects to custom URLs example.

Encourage your respondents to take further actions

Ask them to sign up for your newsletter, to learn about Early Bird Discounts for your events or highlight some of the most popular articles on your blog — the opportunities are endless and depend only on your creativity! See the registration confirmation page example.