Brief Guide to Using AidaForm Informed Consent Examples


Choose a consent form example you like and click the Use Template button under it. The system will bring you to the registration form. Complete it and get your free AidaForm personal account. It’s a gate leading to all the services, free templates, and editing tools! Plus, the selected consent form sample will be automatically carried over to your new account.

*If you already have the account, the template will be transferred, with no extra steps.

Want to use the form right away? Skip this step and go to the next one. But if you’d like to tweak and customize it slightly, stay in the Builder. Use the Form Elements menu to add more form fields and the Form Designer to set your background and icon color, font, size, and button style. A logo also can be changed, just upload your file to the Media File element of the form. Thus, you reshape the sample informed consent form to something unique, reflecting your brand document.
Once the form looks satisfying, go to the Publish tab. Here, enable the form and check the ways to share it. A link can be sent out or posted wherever you need your form to be. A short HTML-code is there, too, if you’d like to embed the form onto your website. All the submitted forms will be stored in the Results tab of your account.
If you need to print out the consents/waivers, this step is for you. AidaForm lets you save the submitted forms as PDFs, which can be printed directly from your account. To activate this feature, go to the Set Up -> PDF and set it to on. That enables images, headers and text fields to be included in the PDF files, stored in the Results or attached to your email notifications.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Consent Forms

What do you need it for?

These informed consent templates will work for any educational purposes (whether it’s an online activity within school intranets, field trips/extracurricular permissions or regarding disciplinary measures), medical and beauty procedures, media industry and entertainment business purposes (like extreme sports activities). The consent can be given personally or on behalf of others. The second one usually happens if minors are involved.

Where should I start the form?

The best way to start your consent form is the few lines of text explaining the purpose of the consent. If you are going to attach a full Terms and Conditions document, don’t be too specific in the introduction text. Just refer to what a person consents to and why it’s needed. Drag-and-drop the Text element to the header of your consent letter example and complete it with your data.

What information should be requested?

Depending on your purpose, you will need:

  • The person’s name and contact information
  • health details, allergies and special requirements
  • confirmation saying the person doesn’t suffer from particular diseases/conditions
  • emergency contacts and family doctor’s contact (might be obligatory for minors)
  • Terms and Conditions agreements
  • a personal signature

For the sake of convenience, each AidaForm informed consent form template is separated into blocks, dedicated to the topics listed. You can add more or rearrange them using Subheaders.

How do I insert my full Terms and Conditions?

Providing respondents with the full list of terms and conditions within a form is a must! AidaForm has come up with a brilliant thing: each example already has the Terms and Conditions element inside. Attach your file links to them, while keeping the form short and uncluttered. You can add as many Terms and Conditions fields as you need. Just be sure that one of them contains the GDPR-compliant Privacy Policy.

How do I get and save personal signatures?

The consent must be signed, otherwise, it’s not valid. But what a blessing, now we can sign with just a finger! All the AidaForm online consent form examples are equipped with the Signature element. E-signatures will be saved securely as a part of a PDF-file. E-signatures are totally legitimate and can be given by parents/guardians on behalf of their children.

What if I need to print out the results?

Although AidaForm consent letters are online-fillable, you can easily print out the results. Your hardcopy will contain all the questions and answers, including the e-signature! Switch on the PDF feature for the form (Set Up -> PDF). Then, to print out a consent form, find the right one in your Response Inbox, open and print (or download as PDF) directly from the page.
There are three key points you shouldn’t forget to mention: the purpose of your activity/procedure, a brief of what/where/when it will happen and a clear list of risks that may take place. Follow this three-step rule, use AidaForm and you got it right!
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