Consent Form Templates

What is a consent form? A consent form is a signed document that states an individual’s informed consent to a treatment, study or activity. Depending on your business needs, the document may include waivers of activity, parental consent, the patient’s medical conditions and potential outcomes, and more.

With AidaForm, you can collect your customer’s consent in a modern way using one of the online consent form templates that include e-signatures and terms and conditions checkboxes, and save the responses as printable PDFs. All the consent templates in AidaForm are fully customizable: you can add more fields and edit all the text to suit your needs. Click the Use Template button to add a sample form to your AidaForm account and start using it right away!

Please note that you are solely responsible for the content of your form, as well as compliance with the rules and regulations of your country and region regarding the collection of informed consent. Please contact your local authorities if necessary to add all relevant information to your online consent form!


Click the Use Template button to add it to your AidaForm account. If you don’t have an account yet, you can create one for free in a few minutes. The chosen example of informed consent form will open in the Builder section of the AidaForm service and will be ready for customization.

Are you looking for a free consent form template? Then you may want to use a template without a Signature field, and instead use one that collects consent using checkbox fields.


Use the Form Elements panel to add more form fields and the Form Designer section to set your form background and colors, change the font, button style and more. You can also change a logo by uploading it to the form’s Media File element. In this way, you can transform the sample consent form into something unique that reflects your brand.


Make your form available online

Once you are happy with your form, go to the Publish tab to make your form publicly available on the web. AidaForm will automatically generate a URL for your form, which you can send or post wherever you want, as well as ready-to-use HTML code that you can use to embed the form into your website. All submitted forms are stored in the Results tab for your account.


If you need to print the collected consent and waiver documents, this step is for you. AidaForm allows you to download the submitted forms as PDF files, which you can then print or save to your computer for future reference.

An informed consent form is a document that collects a person’s agreement to certain actions or studies and proves that the person has been given important information including, but not limited to, possible risks and outcomes. The forms are often used for educational and medical purposes. Consent can be given personally or on behalf of others, for example when minors are involved.

AidaForm has 20+ customizable electronic consent form examples.

  1. Add a field to collect the respondent’s name and contact details.
  2. If relevant, use multiple choice fields to ask about health conditions and special requirements.
  3. Use text fields to add detailed explanations of what your clients are agreeing to.
  4. Add checkbox fields to collect your client’s acknowledgement and consent.
  5. Use the signature field to verify your client’s identity.
  1. Include detailed explanations of the services you provide and information about possible consequences and outcomes.
  2. Start by explaining the essence of your service and leave organizational issues such as refunds for no-shows for the end.
  3. Break the text into short, meaningful topics to make it easier for your customers to read and understand.
  4. Avoid unproven claims about the effectiveness of your services.
  5. Use simple and clear language and avoid any ambiguity in your statements.

How can I make my form DPA and GDPR-compliant?

Providing respondents with the full list of terms and conditions on a form may be required by law. AidaForm has an arsenal of tools to help you make your form GDPR compliant: you can link the terms and conditions field to the privacy page on your website, or display your privacy policy in a pop-up window, the choice is yours! Just make sure you handle the personal information you collect in a GDPR-compliant way. Safety and security of collected response data is one of the major priorities in AidaForm. Please find detailed information on AidaForm’s Privacy Policy .

How do I obtain and store personal signatures?

A consent form must be signed or it may not be considered valid. AidaForm has a ready-to-use signature field that allows your respondent to sign using a stylus or finger. A collected signature cannot be changed or deleted after the response has been sent and is stored as part of your client’s consent form.

We strongly recommend that you check all local rules and regulations to ensure that the consent forms you create in AidaForm are legally acceptable and binding.