Conference Registration Form Template

Make your next conference the best one yet by using AidaForm’s free conference registration form. With this pre-built example template, quickly create an engaging online form to invite and register attendees for your next conference.

You can quickly customize this template to match your conference theme and branding without spending valuable time coding. Easily receive registrations and process fees with AidaForm’s Paypal integration. No matter your organization’s needs, it’s never been easier to engage your invitees and increase registrations! Check out the template below:

3 Step Guide to Making this Template Your Own

Click Use This Template to create a new AidaForm account or sign in. After registration, the conference registration form template will be waiting for you in your account.
Use AidaForm’s intuitive builder to update and customize the form to match your specific needs. Add, remove, or change fields, update the text in each section. You can also add a personalized logo and customize the color scheme to match your company or conference theme.
Ready to go live? Navigate to the Publish section by clicking Publish in the builder to bring your form to life! AidaForm offers two ways to easily share your new form. Use the direct link provided to share your form via social media or email, or encode it to your conference website.

Tips and Tricks to Drive Conference Registration

Match your form to your conference audience

Design is so important when it comes to creating a great registration form. Knowing your invitees is a great way to know what kind of form to build. Is your audience web-savvy? Make sure to create a form that is mobile-friendly and straight-to-the-point. Serving an audience that is a bit less comfortable with entering personal data on the internet? Design your form with comforting and engaging prompts to receive information without seeming too creepy.

Make collecting payments quick and easy

Many conferences cost money to attend. Make it easy to collect registration payment within the form itself and send confirmations instantaneously to registrants. Avoid creating bottlenecks on the day of the conference by making sure that your participants have all the information they need prior to the conference.

Include information about the conference that drives sign-ups

When you create your registration form, make sure to include information about the event itself. Speakers, topics, breakouts, and times are all important elements in making sure that registrants are encouraged to sign up.

Incentivize registration with giveaways

One of the best ways to ensure that users engage with and complete your form is to offer incentives. Including verbiage such as “Sign up today for a discounted rate!” or “Finish registration to be entered to win a free gift card!” are great ways to compel survey users to answer completely and in a timely fashion. Try out various incentives to see which work for your audience and which are ineffective.