Client Satisfaction Survey Template

Ask your clients for feedback in the most convenient and up-to-the-minute way - using an online form! Make it a classy client survey or incorporate some funny, conversational questions. It’s so easy to style AidaForm templates!

This “one question at a time” client survey sample can be used right away or promptly rebuilt in your own style. Place your logo and brand colors with just a few tiny steps and get your clients’ opinions sent right to your email address or AidaForm free storage. Launch the template and continue running your business effectively!

Steps to Start Your Virtual Client Feedback Form

The Use This Template button is the fastest way to move your template, including the questions and style settings, directly to your AidaForm account. Even if you don’t have an account yet, the template can still be moved. Just go through the simple one-step registration form, if you see it, after the Use This Template button has been clicked. Once you see the template in the center of the screen surrounded by design tools and tabs, you are in the right place and ready to construct your client feedback survey.
The Builder area is where you start. Form Elements and Form Designer are the two tabs to explore first. If you need to change or add any new fields to the questionnaire, unwrap the Form Elements menu. Simply drag-and-drop the fields you need to the right place in the form. There are all varieties of scales, multi choice or picture choice questions, dropdowns, and many more options to choose from. You can also use extra subheaders, text fields, and logic jumps to redirect your respondents to the particular questions, depending on their answers.
Once you are happy with the content, you can think about the form’s appearance. Click the Form Designer menu to convert this client survey form template into something that supports your brand style. For example, you can change the color scheme of the whole form in just a click or create your unique color scheme instead! Turn on and off ribbon, footer, and icons. Set the size and style of the buttons, choose the font and scale. Use the Media File element to decorate the form with your logo or other brand details. Click the Preview button every time you’d like to audit the changes you’ve made.
When you turn the client satisfaction survey template into a personalised form, you’ll need to publish it. Initially, the form can only be accessed solely by you. To make it visible, click the Publish tab and change the form status to “Published”. From then on, you can freely share the form using a link or embed it into your company’s website using the generated piece of code.
While your online form works for you gathering clients’ opinions, you have time to explore other parts of AidaForm. First, check the Set Up tab to set email notifications for every incoming response. There, you can also add SEO settings, edit your “After Submit” page, switch off Conversational UI, or set up 3rd party integrations with your Google Sheets, Facebook Pixel, etc. Then, check your Results tab. This essential tab helps to monitor stats and the response summary, there is even actual response storage there!