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This quick Enneagram test consists of 36 questions (36 statements of opinion) and is designed in accordance with empirical-scientific criteria. You can take this classical enneagram test free of charge and learn which of the nine personality types best describes you.

What is more, you can modify the template for the Enneagram personality test in your AidaForm account and create your own scientific, HR or fun personality quiz in a matter of minutes. Your Enneagram quiz will help you get attention on social media and gain more followers and leads! If you are a personal coach or HR specialist, the template is a must have for your collection of assessment tools!

What is Enneagram: Definition and Meaning

The Enneagram of Personality, or simply Enneagram, is a typology that identifies nine psychological personality types and describes their behavioural patterns, typical social roles, and possible emotional responses.

The Enneagram typology and tests are widely used not only in psychology, but also in business contexts, and are an important source of insight into interpersonal interaction in the workplace.

Though the Enneagram concepts are generally accepted as a theory of personality, some personality experts treat them as pseudoscientific.

Enneagram Personality Test

The Enneagram test is a self-assessment test that serves to build personality profiles. The concept of the Enneagram assessment is based on the statement that there are nine interconnected personality patterns that can fully describe how people interpret what is happening around them and manage their emotions.

The Enneagram personality test is designed to be a tool to get to know yourself better by discovering something new or different about yourself. In this sense, the Enneagram profile is not a conclusive finding, but a snapshot of how you rate yourself at that moment.

It is universal that each person has some characteristics from different personality profiles, but certain characteristics have a particular influence on them. You can read detailed descriptions of the Enneagram types here.

Classical Enneagram Test

Since the Enneagram theory has been developed by many different people and groups, there is no one standard test that can be called a classical (true) test.

If you’re looking for a classic Enneagram test, you’re probably more interested in building your general personality profile than testing specific areas like nerdiness or sexuality. The Internet offers a great variety of classical Enneagram tests containing different questions and varying greatly in length.

It’s important to distinguish tests that are merely fun, created by authors who generate items based on their creativity and personal ideas of what the Enneagram tests are from scientifically and statistically validated official tests. The first approach leads to the problem that some questions can hardly be measured or can be out of line with the Enneagram typology.

The quick Enneagram test that we offer on the page was developed by the educational and research project and is provided for free. The test was created to make scales that had the highest possible agreement with the self-reported Enneagram type in a sample of people who said they knew a lot about the Enneagram.

Thousands of survey responses were collected from people who claimed to know their personality type, and who had decent knowledge about the Enneagram typology and assessment, and were confident about their type. Initially, the Enneagram test consisted of 72 items, and the best four questions for each type were chosen for the final version. You can learn more about the test here: Open-Source Psychometrics Project

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What is the Best Enneagram Test? How Do You Make the Most of the Enneagram Test?

The Internet offers a great variety of Enneagram test types: short Enneagram tests, super fast Enneagram tests or lengthy, detailed tests that have differently formulated statements, different names of Enneagram personality types and different ranges of score calculation.

The best Enneagram tests provide value and give you a deeper understanding of your specific traits, motivation, and, most importantly, space for improvement and development.

Whatever test you take, we suggest you take a moment to learn if the test has a scientific and statistical basis for making assessments or whether it was created for fun.

It may also happen that the test turned out differently from what you may have expected. That might indicate that there are totally different aspects inside you that you failed to notice previously. This might prompt you to ask others what living with you is like and to ask them to take the test by answering the questions based on the way they perceive you. The Enneagram test results become significant only when it’s connected with other information.

How to Add and Modify the Enneagram Quiz Template in Your AidaForm Account

AidaForm is a form, survey and test builder that helps you create your own test or quiz in no time. You can use the link to the test you’ve created on your social media page or make your test a part of your website. Read more about the AidaForm Easy Test Maker

To edit and use the template for the Enneagram quiz:

  1. Click the Use This Template button and follow the instructions to register for your AidaForm account.
  2. Upgrade your account to Expert.
  3. Add your custom logos, images or even videos, edit text and the result pages in AidaForm’s intuitive interface. No coding knowledge is required!
  4. To generate leads, add fields to collect email addresses and names of your prospect customers. Add a consent checkbox to be DPA and GDPR-compliant.
  5. Create your custom ‘Thank you’ page or simply redirect your leads to your website.
  6. Automatically send the results of the quiz to your respondents’ email addresses.
  7. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact AidaForm customer service . We are happy to help!

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