Individual and Organizational Change Readiness Assessment

A readiness to change assessment is an essential tool used by organizations and businesses, especially at the preliminary stage of planning to restructure and optimize. The assessments provide a snapshot of how ready managers and employees are to face and deal with upcoming changes. Ultimately, the assessment process helps evaluate potential challenges related to the level of the organizational readiness for change.

Readiness to change questionnaire: scale and score

The Readiness to Change Questionnaire is a twenty one question self-assessment questionnaire that automatically calculates a score on a scale from 1 to 5 for the following characteristics: openness to change, readiness for change and how experienced a respondent is with changes.

Take the survey and find out your individual readiness to change free of charge. You can also add the questionnaire to your AidaForm Expert account to adjust the readiness assessment template to the needs of your organization: edit questions, add and delete fields, customize the form with your organization’s logo and even make changes to the score calculation formulas.

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How to Use AidaForm Change Readiness Assessment Tool

AidaForm is an online no-code service for creating online forms, surveys, questionnaires and tests. Creating your own assessment forms in AidaForm is super easy and does not require any coding skills: you simply drag-and-drop ready-to-use fields, such as scale, rating, slider and matrix to add questions to your form and use an automatically generated form URL to open the form both on desktop and mobile devices.

All responses are safely stored in your AidaForm account and you can manage and download them any time you need. Would you like to send assessment data and results to your human resource management platform? That’s also possible using the Zapier integration connecting AidaForm and your chosen platform.

Register your AidaForm account to start conducting change readiness assessments and other employee development tests right away. Do you have questions or need help? Drop us a line and we will be happy to assist you!