Summer Camp Registration Form Template

Make the kids’ camp registration easier for parents with AidaForm’s summer camp form template!

This camp registration form works with a free form builder that allows you to customize and change any piece of the template without any HTML coding. Get email notifications once a new camper fills out the form, integrate with Google Sheets for an accurate database and receive payments via PayPal or Stripe if needed! Scroll down for the handy customization guide.

How To Use and Customize This Camp Information Form Template


Add the Template

Hit the Use This Template button to access the template in your AidaForm account! If you haven’t created an AidaForm account yet, you will be redirected to our free registration form. The summer camp registration template will be waiting in your newly made account.


Customize the Form

The Builder tab is where you can edit your form. You’ll see the summer camp form template in the middle of the page framed by two menus: Form Elements and Form Designer. Explore them to add more fields and change the appearance of your registration form.


Add a Payment Field

Online camp registration often requires payment collection. Drag-and-drop the PayPal/Stripe element to the form. Then, click the settings gear icon above the element and add your account details. It’s literally a two-step process to add online payments to your form!


Publish the Form Online

Before publishing, check the form in Preview mode. Test it and go through the online camp registration: does everything work smoothly? If so, go to the Publish tab to complete the process. There, you’ll also find options to embed and share the form with your campers-to-be!

Why Opt for AidaForm’s Registration Templates?

No Coding Needed

You don’t have to be an expert in HTML or any other coding language to enjoy AidaForm to the fullest! Once you are there, you’ll feel the user-friendly vibes: simple UI and form elements that can be drag-and-dropped like tiles. We give you all the tools — you simply choose from a variety of fields, colors, backgrounds, icons and more!

Forms That Look Good on Mobile

All the AidaForm templates look good on phones and other mobile devices as well as on desktops because we know how important it is to fill out forms on the go. This feature saves your clients time while increasing your chances of getting forms completed!

Easy To Share And Embed

Once your form is published, you get several ways to use it. The simplest one is to share the link through the follow-up campaigns, direct messages, social media posting, etc. If you own a website (WordPress, Wix, or other), embed the form right into a webpage! Copy and paste a piece of code that AidaForm provides you with and a beautiful form will be available on your site.

GDPR- and DPL-Compliance

We know, data protection regulations and laws are tedious. To take it off your shoulders, AidaForm offers you only GDPR- and DPL-compliant form templates! AidaForm helps you follow the obligatory policies of personal data processing.

Online Payment Support

All the form templates can be extended with Order and Payment form elements. Thus, you turn a simple registration form into your own online shop! Conveniently designed for PayPal and Stripe direct payments, these form fields work immediately after an easy setup. Add several products, pricing tiers, or even let people pay a custom amount.

Third-party Integrations

Excel, Google Sheets, Slack, Zapier — you name it. We know Zapier and Google Sheets integrations are popular among our users. That’s why both are a part of the AidaForm FREE plan!

Quick Tips For a Better Youth Camp Registration Form

Keep It Concise

All the questions should be short and to the point. Ideally, parents can complete the form within a couple of minutes. Ask only what is necessary for the camp registration process: participant details, parent’s contact information (as they are usually emergency contacts), health history and special requirements. Think about what is really important for you to know: e.g., if you don’t offer transfers to the camp, you’d like to know how and when exactly campers will arrive.

Use Progress Bar

You can switch this sample camp registration form to the Conversational UI. It makes the form even more concise and convenient to fill out. Is it hard to figure out how many questions are left? Add progress bar through the Form Designer to deal with this small issue!

Add Camp Information

You can insert a link to the full article or add the text directly using the Text element. We placed it at the very top of the form, right under the logo/title. Right now, it contains a little greeting for the parents and campers. You can change the content, move it to where you like or add another text field.

Mention Camp Programs

If you offer more than one camp program or activity, use the Cards element to provide information about them. Every card can be equipped with a description link, or you can create your own description pages using AidaFrom! Create new form pages with our Page Break + Logic Jumps element. Thus, all the pages will be done in one style and look professional.

Create Several Pricing Tiers

Let’s say you have several price levels. How would you deal with online camp registration and payment in this case? AidaForm payment element is your savior! Use “Product Selection” for the payment type. Then, create as many pricing tiers/camp programs as needed and set prices.

Sell Camp Merchandise

Once the form is completed, participants are directed to the Thank You page. With an Expert AidaForm account, you can create customized Thank You pages . Add a link to the online merch store or create an order form for t-shirts, hoodies and other merch directly in the AidaForm service.