Web Calculator Templates with Ready-to-Use HTML Embed Code

Web Calculators are an excellent marketing tool that helps to get website visitors to interact and provide them with the information they are looking for. What’s more, web calculators can be easily turned into lead-generation forms simply by adding fields that collect the contact information of your visitors.

AidaForm provides you with two ways to use its web calculator templates:

  1. Calculator templates with FREE HTML code.

    These are basic calculators that do not collect contact details and do not have any call-to-action buttons. You can use them “as is” free of charge: simply go to the calculator template page, click Copy Embed Code and embed the calculator to your website. You do not need to register an account with AidaForm to use the HTML calculator templates.

  2. Calculators with lead generation form.

    To use these templates, you need to have an Expert (or higher) account with AidaForm. The online calculators are fully customizable: you can make changes in the Calculations and Formulas and create custom price calculators for your business. You can easily add and delete fields, change form colors and fonts, you name it! All collected responses are stored safely in your AidaForm account where you can manage and download them. Click the Use Template button to add the desired template to your account. Read more about how AidaForm Form Creator works.