Cake Order Form Template

Make ordering a cake at your bakery a delicious experience with our cake order form. Whatever your specialty is: birthday cakes, wedding or Christmas cakes, cake-pops, cupcakes, tarts, vegan cakes, or any other kind of cakes – it’s time to ditch the paper cake contract template. Let customers order cakes online – and you can view incoming orders in real time on any device with the AidaForm cake order form! This simple cake order form template lets your customers place orders for cakes in a bakery shop, home bakery, or directly from a baker. The following template can be used as a sample to make your custom online cake order form: use drag-and-drop blocks to edit it, so customers can choose cake flavors and toppings, cake shape, size, and design. The AidaForm online cake order template lets you easily manage incoming cake orders and deliver sweets on the dot.

Please note: This cake order form template is composed without advance payment fields. You can also use the ready-made templates with PayPal or Stripe fields, they are exactly like this cake order template, except for the payment field. If you want to collect payments, choose one of the forms below based on your preferred payment method:

How to Modify the AidaForm Online Cake Order Form

Log in to AidaForm or create your account if you don’t already have one – it’ll take just a few minutes. Add the cake order form template to your AidaForm account by clicking the Use This Template button (or select a template with the PayPal or Stripe payment field). The template you have chosen will appear in your account automatically so you won’t have to start with a blank cake template!
Use our drag-and-drop builder to customize your cake order form. Add your bakery name and logo as well as contact details at the top of the form. Don’t forget to add some pictures of your cakes using the Media field. Making delicious cake descriptions in your online cake order form is just as important as baking them to the highest standard. Include options to choose cake size, shape, flavors, icing, and decorations. You can use the Multiple Choice or Picture Choice field for this: checking the boxes is a great and convenient way for your customers to create their ideal cake with you.
Once the form structure is complete, it’s time to make it look sweet, too. Design the form in the brand colors of your bakery! Take a look at the Form Designer menu and adjust the font size and style, set up the form colors. Decorate the cake order form with images of your cake assortment and add a gallery of ready-made cakes to whet the appetite of your customers!
Once the cake order form is ready, get it online in the Publish section. And that’s it! You can now accept cake orders by adding the form link to your website, posting it in your Instagram profile, or sending it in messengers. You could even embed the form on your website: click the Copy button in the ‘Embed on a web page’ area to copy the code and place it on your website! All submitted orders will be stored in your AidaForm account, you will be notified about every order by email and you can always view them either directly in the email notification or in your personal AidaForm account. Keep calm and bake cakes! AidaForm will take care of everything else for you :)

What to Consider When You Create a Cake Order Form

Organize Your Questions Logically

Group related questions so your customers can easily navigate your form and understand the ordering process better. For example, put a block asking for contact information at the end of your form. First, let customers learn about your cake variety and choose their cake. It’s better to let people decide if they want to order a cake at all before asking for contact information. Plus, if they’ve already invested time into choosing their dream cake, they’ll be more likely to give you information about themselves.

Illustrate Choices at All Ordering Stages

As a baker, you know much more about cakes than people who order your cakes. Help them make a decision with clear and friendly examples in your cake order form. Add a diagram of cake tiers and show the difference between marzipan and sugar decorations using pictures, use evocative filling descriptions, and compose helpful placeholders. Even someone who’s never ordered a cake at your bakery before should understand what you’re offering.

Show the Order Progress to Your Customers

If your order form has several stages, for example, Cake Creation – Delivery – Checkout and Payment, you should indicate which step is in progress in the online cake order form. Visualization of the order process is important, the client should see how far they are in and how much more there is to complete. However, try not to make the ordering process too long :)

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